EU passports

Do we have to get new UK passports if we still have EU ones?

Only when they expire

Welcome to Survive France @Tanya

Mark is quite right.
Some people who hate the EU have taken to sticking something over the mention of European Union on the front cover :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Thanks for your fast response. At least that’s one less thing we have to do (apart from our Cartes de Sejour, UK car to French registration, bank accounts, CPAM, top up health insurance etc…)
Can anyone recommend a Mutuelle health insurance that doesn’t cost the earth? The best one I’ve found so far is Muta Sante.

Can you buy a burgundy EU passport cover to put your UK blue/black passport in? I say a UK passport, mine is not due for a couple of years so it will be an England passport by then.


Speak to @fabien at


Depends what sort of cover you want/need. There is an English speaking insurance chap linked to this site, who is very helpful @fabien

I used one via my bank but there are so many - Credit Mutuel has quite good ones but there are just so many level of possible cover for all of them, you need to select what you need. For example, at my age some cover for hearing aids is helpful as they are ncredibly expensive here but most people don’t need a cover to include that.
The important thing is to get CPAM sorted so you have an SS number as a mutuelle will need to link to it.

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Snap, @Mat_Davies

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How pathetic.
Perhaps when they realise that all these problems are not ‘teething problems’ they will tear off the sticker again?

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There is an insurance link at the top of the page you can try.

Harmonie Mutuelle

everyone will have “their” favourite but the advantage of using @fabien is that his advice is free and unbiased and he will explain fully what your options are before committing yourself.
I strongly recommend you contact him directly here or by sending him a DM with your specifics.
I am sure you will find, as we did, that his explanations will guide you sincerely through this very important process.


Endorse these opinions 100%: considering his huge clientèle the thoroughness @fabien gives to the individual’s needs and concerns is extraordinary. He should be everyone’s first option IMO.


Thanks @Patron I’m really flattered (and perhaps a bit blushing but on the web no one will see that :wink: ). Hope you’re staying safe Peter?

Thanks Graham :wink:

No Fab… he is one (a Patron) but he’s still a gobbles @Peter_Goble :wink:

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ah ah… I got owned :slight_smile:

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I thought that hearing aids here are now free. Maybe in certain cases?

free for catagory 1 hearing aides ,so depending onwhat your needs are depends on what you pay.Catagory 2 aides are usually the better range models blue tooth connectted etc.

I agree with Florian - if you want a simple amplifier-type for 1 to 1 conversations, they are indeed free. If you want something that will help in crowed rooms etc (I know - not at the moment) then they cost a lot more.
Of course I got mine before the new regulations came in at the beginning of this year but I was told when I last went that the amount allowed for the free ones “might” be used to offset against the more expensive ones. I’d certainly be interested to know, although it won’t apply to me for a while yet (I hope!)