EU PLF mullarky

Whilst preparing to return to my French home, I was directed by Easyjet to a page, detailing forms needed for visitors.
I’d not heard of the above EU PLF; so am wondering if this is an obligation, or just some new faff that certain airlines etc., are now insisting upon.
Any info gratefully received.

Seems to be a thing if you arrive by air

See and

The EU Passenger Locator Form is just that - European.

The French Government site says you “may be required to complete” the form of arriving by air which is wonderfully vague.

My visitor-from-the-uk arrived last Friday. She completed the EUPLF online and passed through French airport customs in no time. Other people were being questioned at length about their plans, accommodation etc. It could be a coincidence, but as the online form takes less than a minute to complete, why not just do it?

We flew back from the UK three weeks ago with Ryanair and weren’t asked to complete any form.

Have I lost the plot… surely you’ve got your French issued CdSWA which shows you are Resident in France and therefore NOT visiting from UK…

EDIT. although if it is simply that you might need to be contacted at some time 'cos of “whatever happened” on the flight… all well and good. must confess, I’m not too clear what the PLF is all about.

We flew to Naples ten days ago and had to provide PLFs. Assuming we would also need them to return to France five days later I filled them in but we were not asked for them. Both flights were EasyJet.

We’ve printed out a family plf as Zo & her daughter are coming back with me for a week.

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Oh that will be such fun for you all… leastways… I hope so… :slight_smile:

Yeah I think it will be Stella :slightly_smiling_face:

The EU PLF requirement was removed some time ago. When I travelled back to the UK in January, the requirement had changed a week or so before that. The attestation form for entry into France previously had a banner stating that the form was required, and then a new version issued that removed this. The French website that detailed requirements for UK and French entry (can’t remember what it was ) also changed stating that it was then not required. As did the BA website.

Edit: This was for France, rather than the EU in general, so other EU countries may still have the requirement.

Okay thank you.
Easyjet were still directing passengers to the plf link when we were checking in online yesterday.
It still all sounds a bit ambiguous to me, but I won’t lose any sleep over it.

I think there is a lot of legacy information out there that has not been removed and I suspect that a part of the reason (never admitted) is so that it is there already if restrictions have to be reimposed. Travelling back via Eurotunnel last week there is a requirement to complete the same documentation but I just ignored it without issue. I am flying to London today and then on to Amsterdam on Sunday and will again just ignore it except in the unlikely event I am denied boarding at LGW, in which case I will complete on the spot, even if it isn’t really needed.