EU Referendum - SFN Poll

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EU Referendum - SFN Poll
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This is obviously going to be swung towards remain I think James. Let's just hope the brits, and not just the English as stated on radio this morning, do the same on Thursday.

IS this a vote based on personal preference or on expected outcome James?

Not sure what you mean John, can you simplify your question for me please?

Sorry James. I am firmly in favour of a "remain" but I think it will be (sadly) a "leave" so I voted "leave" above. So is it a preference survey or a outcome prediction survey? If the former can I vote again :-)

Yes I see, it's intended as a preference poll.

Confused myself there for a moment!

Although during the past couple of weeks ¨leave the EU¨ was gaining votes according to the EU Referendum Poll of Polls, but there was a sharp climb in favour the ¨remain in the EU¨ in the past couple of days. I am not an expert but I have a strong feeling that ¨remain in the EU¨ will get stronger and stronger as we approach the referendum day. - X fingers! - John

I don't think it matters which side wins the vote, as its only advisory not binding, there's a good chance it will simply be used as a lever for further negotiations.

But sure as eggs are eggs, the speculators and banksters will be pocketing a wedge either way.

Oh James, how can you lance such poll?

Everyone knows Brexit a substitute for self-satisfaction for non exciting social policy

What really makes the EU so unbearable?

British and German people can witness in their countries for about 20 years, the largest redistributions of income and asset - from the bottom to the top of course - which have occurred in the last 100 years. Each historical economic consideration is proving it.

Its all a smoke granade ;-)

But the video with John Oliver is great!