Euro 2024 : Falling asleep

We’re both currently watching France vs Belgium in a Euro 2024 quarter final. It’s making us fall asleep. The same happened watching the England games. It all seems so dull we can’t stay awake. May skip it after this one. Anyone else feeling overwhelmed with boredom ?

I’ve been feeling underwhelmed with excitement :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The England match was awful. With a couple of minutes to go I decided to go and do some gardening rather than shout at the television. When I came back we’d won!
France/Belgium, yawn, then yawn again. Spain have been excellent though.

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Hopefully it all heats up a bit more as the tournament progresses! Still can’t believe how damn lucky England were last night. Millions worth of players and nobody capable of any flair - disappointing is an understatement.

Try going Iberian

Nevertheless, believe France will eventually deliver.

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Well, it was a fairly unambitious, run of the mill overhead scissors kick in the last minute…

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I always get the impression that these multi-million pound/euro players are only there out of suffrance and would rather be elsewhere, probably on private boats and in villas on the Med or Caribbean. I think representing your country is now a bygone thing and its more of a “goods on view” for prospective signings later on. The England team looked as if they wanted to get out of there asap.

Fortunately I didn’t blink otherwise I’d have missed that only bit of skill :grin:

I’m old enough to remember a time when Denis Law was probably the only British footballer who could do that with any degree of competence - he’d learnt it during his stint with Torino in the early Sixties. And Law often landed back on his feet rather than on his back. Full somersault!

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Not a fan of football, I have watched the last 2 England games, it wasn’t until the late 2nd half of the last and the first 5 minutes in extra time of that game I saw that England players can run with the ball & in doing so look entertaining ask questions of the opponents’ defence & likely to have a chance in scoring (which they did twice). Then it was back to pass pass pass, pass pass pass pass, lose the ball and all back in defence. FFS is that what people call the beautiful game?
I’ll watch the next England game, hoping for more attacking football, but if they carry on like this watching snooker or golf will be better for my nerves and at least you can see the skill involved.

So am I, back in the days when I paid any attention. Also remember him refusing to show any celebration when his goal for Man City sealed Man U’s fate in the 1st division.
With my young friend I was handed over the crowd to watch Tommy Lawton help Notts. County beat Bury.
Being ejected from the Wales/Greece game in Athens when my Taffy mate rushed onto the pitch to assault the Greek players, we, Taffy, Jock and me, found our way from the street into the away players dressing room, then trotted down the tunnel with them to watch the rest of the match on the touchline, with a firm hold on Taffy. :rofl:

That, in 3 sentences, is the height of my football watching career and the only thing it means to me now is that, along with tennis, it shifts some really good programmes off the screen. As a result I have been watching rather more Netflix and YT than is good for my mental state. :flushed:

They’ll certainly have to step up on Sat as the Swiss will be bringing some skill!

I was there that night in the Stretford end! My teenage Utd hero playing in a sky blue shirt and scoring the goal at the scoreboard end that sent Utd down to the old Second Division - thanks and no thanks for the reminder - but good to share!

To his credit the former Utd ‘King’ didn’t only not celebrate, he seemed genuinely embarrassed and sheepish when he realised the implications of his goal.

That said, that season Utd were crap!


Denis Law’s goal did not relegate Utd, they were relegated due to results in other games that day. Even if Utd had won the City game they would have gone down.

The point is, he thought he had.

True, but as your article makes clear in the final para, no one present knew that at the time.

Well I was in Frankfurt last week and certainly not bored by the performance of all the ‘underdog’ teams and their supporters.
True - some matches by the ligue teams were underwhelming to say the least.
I didnt even have to watch a game to know what wss going on. Groaning erupted every time an advantage was squandered…

I watched Law’s early career at Huddersfield when he partnered Kevin McHale as numbers 7 and 8 (when football shirt numbers meant something). Brilliant footballer but couldn’t score for toffee.
They beat Liverpool 5-0 in one game and Law was given a penalty to take. Younger in goal made a dive to his right in anticipation then had to lie there and wait as Law’s shot trundled into his arms.

Think he got the hang of it eventually!