Euro SEPA scam?

I had an email this morning from "Centre des mises à jour SEPA" asking for a copy of my RIB or I will not be allowed to do any bank transfers to other Euro countries. Looks very genuine but am sure it's a scam. They have a very basic website set up that they claim is secure (it isn't) where I can also submit the information.

I wonder what damage they could do with the information they are asking for ?

Did you also check the e-mail's IP address? I use when I'm in doubt about the reliability of a potentially fishy message.

Website is http:// and not https:// whcih is a giveaway

The address given in the email is Paris and there is no Tel N°, Company ID or anything. If it was a genuine site, I would have expected the domain to be a .fr or .eu rather than .com. I looked up the owner of the domain name and it's somebody in the North of France rather than being registered to any sort of official body.

I've also enabled images on the email and suddenly a Banque de France logo pops up and a very rough SEPA logo.

I believe you Steve, but I'm also curious as to how you're sure it's a scam and how you know the website's not secure.

It would be interesting to know for future reference.