Europcar at CDG airport Terminal 2F - pickup and dropoff a bit challenging to find?


This trip, I am going to try to look a bit less daffy than last trip, when I brought my french horn and lugged it through the airport and onto the Metro.

My question regards finding the rental car pickup (and dropoff) at CDG… I don’t suppose anyone might know if there’s a courtesy van or some such that might take me from the baggage claims area to the EuropCar pickup spot? Can anyone perhaps provide actual experience with navigating CDG airport, specifically: from terminal (T2E) to the EuropCar pickup location in T2F?

I’ll be arriving at Terminal T2E, and the directions I was given show I need to get, somehow, to the EuropCar location to pick up the car in Terminal T2F.

Here’s the map:

The route to take is highlighted in blue… Does this route shown, seem like I have to actually go out of the terminal…and then get back in??

Anyway. I was rather hoping to bring a couple of fairly sizeable pieces of luggage but if it’s going to cause too much stress then I can of course, modify my plan for baggage, if necessary :slight_smile: Just was kind of hoping to get a few things over here this trip…

Looks like there should be a free shuttle bus.

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Chris is right - there is indeed an external shuttle bus / navette that constantly circulates around the terminals at CDG . As for arriving at terminal 2E - it’s made up of 3 different ‘halls’ (K,L, & M) - so your journey to 2F will depend on which hall you arrive into. If you’re standing infront of 2E it’s just a 5 min walk across to 2F. This planner may help you:

CDG - walking between terminals

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