Europe fans?

Anyone thinking of Shaping Europe?

nice idea, but after brexshit won’t non EU residents be excluded?

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…well…Graham, you know I’m not an expert or reliable source of info…however…my intelligent? guess is, that everyone can volunteer…to make Europe work. …there are all kinds of opportunities for diff volunteers, all over Europe. inc Romania/ Bulgaria?.. All kinds of stuff…they didnt turn me down (yet), for being a fogie, OK a euro fogie, but we-ell over the hill…(though there may be some snickering about age/fitness/ability etc, who knows?..)
Maybe its a way to to become a good European, even if at present someone is obliged to stay in UK,?
…I don’t know …but.
…I will read more, and who knows, could come up with some answers…:smiley:

There’s an
“Outside the EU”
Option, on their application form…
I haven’t tried it…perhaps it has a speedy “clear off!” response to all who tick that box?