European Breakdown cover for a UK registered car

Please, can anyone help me with this?

I'm heading back to the UK next week to pick up a cheap run around car, which I guess will be on UK plates for at least 3 or 4 months.

Could anyone suggest my best option for roadside assistance?

I think the car will initially be insured in the UK



Thank you for that. We are unsure if this is going to be back and fore sort of move, we have yet to decide. Once we are there we will know how it all feels and be able to make our minds up, so that is reassuring to know It affords us some time to think

No if you are not resident in France (You live in France for less than six months) and are resident elsewhere in the EU then you cannot re register/insure your car.

If we are going to spend 6 months or less in France do we need to change the insurance to a French company and do we need to re-register the car ( )

Thanks Jane, This is my concern regarding roadside assistance provided by an insurer; there is such little clarity. I'm going to check out ADAC plus provided by James.


Thanks very much, I'll check them out.

If you get breakdown cover with your insurance, make sure you know what you are getting. Having said that, it is easier said than done. We were assured that we had full breakdown cover, including at home.
We were ready to set off for UK in the pouring rain and found the windscreen wipers did not work.
We were told by Pacifica that we were not covered and it would be difficult to find anyone on a Sunday.
We were advised to drive for 40 k and then call, as we would then be on the road and covered.
What lunatic advice and we pay for seven day cover, not just six.
We changed our insurer and have been assured that we are covered for everything, but are keeping our fingers crossed!

I use the ADAC. German breakdown service.

I pay 80EUR per year for cover anywhere in Europe in any vehicle.

It also covers anyone driving your car.

Look for "ADAC Plus" on Google.

We recently got a LHD car in the Uk for No1 son. his original insurer refused to cover a Uk reg car at all even for the pick up, but we got him 1 months cover with my insurer providing he was going to change the reg to a French one when it got here. As the cover was 3rd party with glass breakages and breakdown we didn't need anything else. the car took just over 5 weeks to get transferred. The insurer gave him the extra time as the delay was from the prefecture and he could show the receipt from them. I should also add he left his original insurer and is now with mine , who incidentaly have given him fully comp insurance for the same price as he was paying for 3rd party with his old insurer. Serves them right for not playing ball.

My experiences as a french resident with used cars imported into France from a member state, is that you will have to re register the car within 1 month. You should note that you must have a current MOT and Tax disc while you footle about in the UK and the transfer should be signed off as permanently exported, not SORN on the V5.

UK insurance companies refused to insure the car without a UK address, however my French Insurance Co (Aloa) provided a policy ( arranged in advance) all I needed to do was call them when I knew the UK/why registration no and after 1 month send them a copy of the Carte Gris.

My policy came with breakdown cover. Job Done.