European Union Day 9th May

Some interesting info…

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How different the Brexit referendum result might have been if the UK had regularly put out factual info on the sides of buses.

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Does this have a date Stella? As in is it an amalgamation of year, or a pre-Covid year or a post-Covid year?

The UK’s health spending for example rocketed from a miserable 8% or GDP to over 10% because of Covid.

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It’s from the Prefecture, for Europe Day yesterday… so I’m presuming it’s recent.
I’ll delve further.

Must remember that the figures I have posted come from “eurostat” and are talking about the European Union… and don’t include UK… sorry, I should have made that clear.
I’ve no intention of contrasting it with UK… just thought it was interesting about France.

I realise that! But Covid has made big changes to every country, so curious as to whether this chart reflects the “norm” or an exception year. And merely used UK as an example of the changes Covid has made.

No idea, but all countries in EU went through the same pandemic… so, as you suggest, this might be a way of seeing who spent more/less on whichever way they sought to deal with their country’s health situation.

However, I only intended to offer the link/info for interest, certainly not for any major debate as each country goes their own way, much of the time.