European Union wins Nobel Peace Prize...this is a joke?

I can't quite see the correlation between this Euro-quagmire and peace.

The Coca Cola issue is rather huge:
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It's almost like Apple leaving NASDAQ

there's a bizarre underlying truth in your last paragraph. Whilst it would be weird to award a prize of recognition to an entity for NOT doing something, it does work, I suppose that's what 'cold wars' are all about. A stalemate situation is more 'stable' as such, than a waring one.

I heard one pundit the other day describe this as a masterstroke, I mentioned that earlier... clever reverse psychology?... canny these Norwegians!

In Greece, an unprecedented 7,000 policemen were deployed last week to keep German Chancellor Angela Merkel safe from stone-hurling Greeks. Meanwhile a few days after, Coca-Cola, the main foreign investor in Greece, announced it would leave the country and move to Switzerland.

interesting read Finn, and the Cocoa Cola issue will only compound problems in Greece.

Peace keeping Supremos

They did also touch on the 'unsung heros' as mentioned by Brian...where an award would project some of the deserved Individuals into the public eye... rather than some faceless bureaucracy that everyone knows about.

Ha! Krister..I caught the BBC news at 4 am....the pundits were discussing the risible nature of this Award.... although one pointed out that it may have been a show stopping master stroke....a sort of 'wake up call'

Amusingly another even pointed out the possibility of a prize for Economics.

There was a thrust that suggested that the EU has acted as a glue which may have given certain erstwhile post war waring Nations, a different focus. I couldn't argue with that. Although the timing is the real issue here... not forgetting the Balkans...NATOs own work etc.

and for chefs and regional dishes

Lapin Chaud


Next year EU will get the Nobel Prize in Economics :-(

Next year I am going to nominate DSK for services to gossip journalists!

ha! still p*ssing myself!
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ayyyy less of the Baracking!

Stand in the corner and write 100 lines Johnny!

Oh no! I wanted to look but now you have gob-smacked me! An organisation working with children in India that I have worked with for many years was nominated, Bhima Sangha by name. They never rated their chances highly. Some of the many of us who supported their nomination discussed who we though would or could win and the EU was not even in the list. Aung San Suu Kyi was very high on the list and quite a lot of people who work frontline in conflicts including a posthumous for Marie Colvin. But this, sickening...

Aung San Suu Kyi?

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awards the prize for uniting the continent...this is the same continent where the German chancellor recently witnessed Greek Banners such as "Out with the fourth Reich!" and "Angela, save the world, kill yourself."