Eurostar at risk of collapse

Not really surprising since they have suffered a 85% loss in business that and the problem for the London-based group was that it was seen as French by the British government and as British by the French, meaning it had been difficult to secure bail-out cash.

I hope they help them, it would be a great loss environmentally if they were to collapse.

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That would be a tragedy.

Sh*t, let’s hope that relationships between the French and UK governments are not too hostile to prevent a support package being put in place.

Presumably Eurotunnel â€‰has enough from the freight side of things to stay afloat even if tourist numbers are down.

Eurostar are predominately French owned so I can see why the UK government isn’t keen to offer any financial support.

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Isn’t it mostly SNCF and Belgian Railway owned.

Let’s hope the tunnel isn’t inondé, with all that water over it, not sure it would float :wink:

Bankruptcy can sometimes be a helpful way for the replacement owner to emerge and run the same business but without the debt burden of the current operator, especially for infrastructure-heavy companies.
Prices to customer can usually be reduced as a result.
Bankruptcy of Eurotunnel was one of the big fears of the ferry companies in the early days, for this reason.

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Which has to be a good thing. Last March / April my French team for the company I worked for were booking to go back to the UK for our pre-season meeting. Our boss had to fly due to time contrainsts but one other and I really tried to get on a train. The company tries to do lots of green stuff and we were happy to take the extra time. However the cost wasn’t just a little more than the flights, it was in the region of 5x more. We booked flights (which of course were cancelled as was my job :sleepy: .

Sorry that you are no longer with the company
That was a superb idea to have such a service
Other companies could adopt the idea

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