Eurotunnel - Advance Passenger Information now required

We are ready for exit checks

How you can be ready too...


3 Easy steps

  1. Complete your API data before travel

  2. Have your passport ready when you arrive

  3. Turn up on time: there is no need to change your travel plans as a result of exit checks

What are exit checks?

The UK government have introduced Exit Checks at all ports and airports from 1st April 2015. This requires Eurotunnel Le Shuttle to gather information on the identity of every person leaving the country, at their point of departure, and pass this information to UK Border Force.

In order to comply with this new legislation, and to speed up your journey through our Folkestone terminal, we will be asking you to provide us with your passport or identity card details in advance of your travel to the Continent. The following details will be required from you and each of the passengers travelling in your vehicle:

  • Name

  • Surname

  • Gender

  • Date of birth

  • Nationality

  • Document type

  • Document number

  • Issuing state

  • Expiry date

You can provide us with your Advance Passenger Information (API) via the following ways:

  • Once you've made a booking, by visiting

  • By calling our Contact Centre on 0330 1233207 where one of our team will add your travel information for you

You will need to have the travel information for each of your passengers to hand.

Once collected, this Advance Passenger Information (API) is sent securely and encrypted to the UK Border Force and the Home Office.

Don't chip the passport, chip the bearer

From the website:

No specific document asking for inside leg measurement etc. but API's aren't fully implemented until June so occasional check?

Have booked an impromptu trip to France for next week. We are sailing on DFDS - they haven't asked for API ?

Is this applicable to ferries too, or just Eurotunnel ?

Excellent idea!

I've just done ours - it's only for the Folkestone to Calais direction.

We are all going to be paying the price for Syria etc. I see that people are now developing security bracelets and such things could easily become the norm. It's only a step or two to wearing skin tags like dogs.

Totally agree, it will make impromptu decisions to travel more complex

We have had to do this and we just sailed through the UK part of what is now namwd Police and Passport checks.
However, we did hear on the radio that it was intended to be part of the fight against long stayers, who obviously will be staying longer and nit using this system!
It used to be mandatory but now is just yet another nuisance to honest travellers.

Yes! Like the Child Benefit data that was 'lost' a few years ago.

Can we do it up to the day before ?

The benefit of Eurotunnel for me is that it doesn't matter how many passengers you have. am not sure how many of our teenagers want to come with us this trip - so this makes it more complicated.

Once collected, this Advance Passenger Information (API) is sent securely and encrypted to the UK Border Force and the Home Office.

Where it will be left on a train somewhere on a government laptop. Lol

David, they probably are just as interested.

But, one reason for exit checks comes to mind.

They are trying to staunch the flow of kids who want to get outta Britain and go fight for ISIS, for example. I'm sure they're already surveilling lots of them, and, if they attempt to leave the country, they can be arrested.

Seems logical in this climate.

I had to check the date on this. Are we sure it’s not an April Fools?

Thus the haystack of information in which the needle is hidden is created.