Eurovision 2022 - what's happened?

We came a clear second to Ukraine, leading virtually all the way until the public vote allowed Ukraine to overtake us.

What happened ??

We haven’t been up there on the leader board since the millennium. How on earth did both France and Germany vote for us with the top 12 points ? Unheard of…

Are we no longer the hated ones of Europe?

PS Germany came last and French next from last (where we normally are)…

The pity vote? Poor buggers in Uk need something to cheer themselves up?

I didn’t watch it so have no idea if the song was any good.


France’s entry was in Breton - great to see France at least acknowledging the cultural powerhouse that Brittany is at present!


I only listened to the songs - not the voting - but liked Serbia’s best.

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So your first instinct was to slag off the country, nice. :grinning:

No, this is called a joke!


Also, expressing sympathy for people in the UK is no more ‘slagging the country off’ than expressing sympathy for Ukrainians is slagging Ukraine off!

The U.K. had a half decent song?

Surely nothing to do with the U.K. pledging to defend both Finland and Sweden whilst transitioning to NATO member states?

Not those thousands of state of the art anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles in Ukrainian hands that were sitting in MoD warehouses a few months ago?

I’ve been watching the Eurovision entries again and the Ukraine song deserved to win.

It’s actually a son’s loving tribute to his flawed mother (she loses her temper) and his acknowledgement that she’s growing old (she’s going grey) and he needs to grow up (he has to pay for himself). But he loves her and will travel the earth to be with her.

Heartwarming lyrics with a wonderful sentiment that will resonate with all mothers.

Plus plus plus winning the public vote by a resounding majority sends a message that warmongering (and worse) does not pay.

Meanwhile, Sam Ryder, the UK entry, has amazing musicality. His song is difficult with a large range of notes, yet he is pitch perfect. His voice is mellow and very listenable. I appreciated his guitar playing skills too, even though the television beamed away at the time he played. A worthy second place.

I’m pleased that I stayed up to watch it (it finished at 1.30am French time).

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It’s expensive to put it on, it might well annoy a lot of gammons having Euroanything in the UK, oh and it wasn’t a bad song :grin:
I suspect the jury votes are a bit more technically savvy about music and commercial possibilities etc than the popular votes which are surely just I like it or not. Maybe.

Altho’ it’s a bit naff, I find it avoids misunderstandings when jokes based on irony, sarcasm, scepticism or satire use one of these. :smiley: :rofl: :wink: :thinking:


Which raises the question of whether we can really expect Ukraine to host it next? Maybe the UK will have to step in after all. Still - anything to annoy the gammons! (That was a joke by the way - (I don’t do ‘emojis’!))

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What are gammons?

Middle-aged, often red-faced English males who are most likely Tory or UKIP supporters.

As usual, racism is okay when Caucasians are the target group.


Now I really don’t understand. UK won the jury vote. Ukraine (predicted for weeks) won the phone in vote. So now I don’t understand Vero’s comment - are these “Gammons” voting for Ukraine in preference to UK because they don’t want Eurovision in the UK? I’m sure I’ve completely misunderstood.

It’s just occurred to me - why EuroVISION when it is songs? Or maybe it started so long ago that at the time everyone got terribly excited about having music via a visual medium.

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Gammon is a pejorative popularised in British political culture since around 2012. The term refers in particular to the colour of a person’s flushed face when expressing their strong opinions, as compared to the type of pork of the same name.
See Gammon (insult) - Wikipedia

Now we know!

Nothing meant personally Geoff but really?
We tuned in to hear the last 2 ‘songs’ of which Serbia was the first.
Scrubbing up in a bowl and singing about the health service, whatever floats your boat.
Watched half of the last song from I think Croatia and went to bed.
The contest has come along way since Sandy Shaw but sadly the wrong way.

I remember Ireland won it in '92 and the Country was delighted. Then Ireland won it in '93 and the Country was pleased but not ecstatic. Then Ireland won it in '94 and there was consternation as the State broadcaster’s budget was blown for the third year in a row.

The Ukrainians also had to make an effort ro participate….story that their commentator broadcast from a bunker, not the air-conditioned studios of other countries.



“Vision” just comes from the fact that it is a televised music contest.