Eurovision memories? (2020 has been cancelled)

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Oh Riverdance! Thanks Stella. Wonderful memory. I was just entranced when I first saw them - nothing like it.


Thank heavens for small mercies

My enthusiasm waned when Terry Wogan left… :upside_down_face:

My enthusiasm struggled even before the departure of TW

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Music is a funny thing. In fact, a friend of mine, a composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist, keeps asking, “What is this thing, music?”. Noises at varying pitches and metres which can have an effect on human emotions? Doesn’t seem to say much, considering the work of J.S.B, W.A.M, L. von B., John Coltrane et al.

I only know that the Eurovision Song Contest, to me, is a sort of anti-music. Noises at varying pitches and metres which have an effect on me that makes me run a mile. I will grant that the output of Andersson and Ulvaeus and sung by ABBA, is top quality pop. I still loathe it. Millions love it.

I don’t doubt that Cilla Black must have been the UK entry at least once. I once heard her argument against a rather low opinion of her as a singer, "Millions of people have bought me records … "