EV - buy or wait?

I think there are always fanboys, and someone who runs a YouTube channel is automatically suspicious!

I suspect the point is that EVs are great for local journeys. The government probably doesn’t want us to use them for longer journeys, and to privilege public transport. So it has little incentive to create a proper charging infrastructure.

And I wonder if EVs are an intermediate stage of the car’s development, like minidisc was for digital music.

Of course he’s a fanboy. He’s also an ordinary bloke and just in it to explore an interest, not to make any money.

I don’t think the government have a clue what they intend to happen. They certainly won’t be around when it happens. Things evolve anyway. I’ve been working in IT since the first desktop PCs came out. Did I think I’d be sitting here talking to you from another country on a handheld computing device that can do allsorts? Definitely not.

Giles Coran is a tosser! He took part in a cookery competion but his wife had to do the cooking because he cant but he pertains to be a food critic. People like him should just shut up until such time as they actually achieve something worth while.
You cannot, neither should you condemn an entire technology because you bought a bad one.
As to charging, yes most governments have failed to engage with the required infrastructure.
Lets rip out 2 out 3 petrol stations and see how those cars get on, would you blame the vehicle or the infrastructure?
Broken down fossil fuel cars seen everywhere but wouldnt make column inches.

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Are they smart enough to realise that?

They have first hand experience with having an electric car and having to put up with crap range especially when cold, crap infrastructure, poor investment and people being pushed into change way before the infastructure a is even remotely viable.
So his experience isn’t unique with people changing back to petrol/diesel from electric, they have had personal experience of running a electric car unlike some who are quite blind to the shortcomings at the present times, at times it is like a fanatic preaching to the unbelievers.
You don’t have to be a cook to be a food critic, Egon Ronay wasn’t.


I was quite keen on a Zoe until I realised the older ones are all all battery rental. Think a Leaf is a better 2nd hand option for me, particularly after reading this.

An older leaf is a much better car. No need to reiterate my observations of the Zoë.


I missed them, or forgotten, I’ll have to scroll back!

The Leaf is better in most departments than the Zoe, quality is by far better and I hated the seats in the Zoe, strange shape, no height adjustment and like bricks.

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The old Zoe had a very short range, very poor build quality. Just a bad car.