EV Charging. cards

Any recommendations for charging cards?

Sorry John I couldn’t resist it :yum:


I’ve two of those in the cave, one marked 1:50 for the chainsaw and one marked 1:40 for the blower :joy:

Yes it is a little ridiculous, what if petrol pumps were all like that? Should all be bank cardable like petrol stations, they figure out who to pay.
Take a look at an app or two they will show what cards are required so you’ll see who is most prolific and most common on your routes. Of course Griffin has to travel to refuel whereas you can do it at home, touche…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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At only €0.097 a kWh overnight according to the grille de prix and my new Tempo contract. Pity I’ve nowhere to go :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Remind me what EV you have :wink::yum:


Is there that many different cards John.

3, I believe, I do have a little battery :joy:

Yes there seems to be a variety. Some offer more choice and some offer better rates than others.

In France definitely Chargemap. The route planning is very good too, you can add your car and they calculate range. On the main roads you may be ok with a bank card, but in rural France Chargemap reigns.
Think it is 19€ for the card then they take money when you use it.