EV (electric vehicle) tariff available?

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know if any french electricity companies have a tariff especially for electric car charging? We are currently with EDF and get a cheeper rate overnight and in the afternoons so we have our electric car set to charge over those times, but I have heard of some tariffs in the UK made specifically for EV owners that can work out a lot cheaper.
I think they work by allowing the electricity company to control when the car charges depending on the amount of power available, but I’m not sure.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance

There have been some available, but not exactly like some of the “agile” tarifs available in the UK, that respond the grid demand.

My personal recommendation (as an electrician & owner of two EVs) is to go for EDF’s Tempo tarif - it’s Heures Creuses rate (22.00-06.00) on blue days is still very cheap, & you are guaranteed that for 300 days a year.

I won’t blather on to explain it in details as there are many posts on this forum that will tell you about it or have the links to sources.

However, here’s a good one…


Great thanks, I’ll check out that tariff !