Eveeryone here in 71 has had, has or will have "The Cold". How is it with you?

I had to call our hairdresser this morning to postpone our appointments and was told that we were just the same as everyone else.

Jim says he has hasn't had such a bad cold for years and I am having to take my antibiotics for longer than usual to clear up my chest infection.

We have friends all coughing as well.

Is this widespread in France?

We know all about the head struggling, we are reduced to doing a jigsaw puzzle!!

Hi Jane, yes very annoying and not very nice either! Back to work now but the sore throat seems to be coming on and my head is struggling at the moment, good job the weather's nice and spring is on it's way - helps lift spirits! Keep warm and don't do too much ;-)

@ Andrew, how annoying when you have gone all that way to train!

You seem to have had the real flu, we have had a horrendous cold, which starts with a sore throat, head cold and then the cough. It goes on and on and you simply have no energy at all. We have found that if you do "too much" and that is not very much at all, you make things worse.

I do hope you are feeling better and able to go to work.

Not me or anyone I know in 85 has this cold...YET !!!

Hi Jane, we'd been isolated from all this cold and flu until I went to spain last week training with my club; a few days in and the first dropped with 40° temperature and not good at all but it only lasted a couple of days, then I went down with the next wave and couldn't get out of bed for 24 hours but drove back from spain the following day (yesterday) - over half the hotel (close on a couple of hundred cyclists from all over France) went down with whatever it was during the week. It seems to be turning into a rather miserable cold now just when I'm meant to be full of life back to a heavy day teaching tomorrow...!

Hope you're all feeling a little better since writing ;-)

if its any consolation I am sitting on my sofa in east sussex with a corker of a cold

OH started last Friday and has for the first time in the thirteen years i've known him been off sick ever since, mainly in bed, hacking away and, in between, sleeping. Back to work for him tomorrow where currently there are ten teachers off sick with it. Here being dept 37. I have everything crossed against getting it as am off to England to see children and grandson Saturday.

One of my students had an evil cough that lasted for over a month and when I saw her last week she was still hacking away. I recommend DROSERA (homeopathic) - only thing that has ever worked for me with a persistent cough and thyme tea - good luck xx

We've got it in 06.... I never get chest colds but this just jumped in and grabbed hold. DS is getting it now... he's only 2 :-(

We've had it here in 24 also! Cough takes a long time to clear up; we have gone through plenty og Vicks vaporub!