Everything Must Go, continued

I don’t know about you but looking for something you once had, is hard enough, but looking for something you know you had just the other day, is a real pain, it’s the land rover book for our Discovery I know I had it, as I was looking to see what the tire presser should be, before a 3 hour drive to the airport to pick my daughter up, we do have a airport only 45mins away but the sad thing is the flights from the country she lives in, only use that airport May to September the joy living in the modern era.

The other half is away, with our other ‘comfy’ car, so it’s up to me to keep this car running, now where did I put that book.

You would not believe the places I have looked, the almost last place is on top of the kitchen cupboard silly place to look, but who knows it’s a could be when you think you have looked everywhere. With all this sort out off things for the big move, and my Daughter things to go to her place, which was all the box’s in store for her here. I just hope it was not in a pile of newspapers I have throw out, after we had packed her things up. Of course the up shot of us sorting out her things is mums got more books and stuff to put with hers to sell.

Thanks Gerald, I wasn't aware of that.

James, you cannot go by the pressure that is on the tyre. That is the maximum allowed pressure in the US. The pressure depends upon the vehicle. For instance my little sports car runs on a pressure of 18psi. The same tyres on a heavyish saloon car would run at around 30psi. Tyre pressure is normally found on a sticker on either one of the A posts (The posts that the front doors hinge upon) when the door is open.

Thanks, James Higginson I will look on the tyre. I do have a problem, I posted on the SFN Land Rover group, our friend has however found on the discovery forum how to mend it, its great guide fixing and with photos, however I still have not told the OH that I lost his book yet.

Thank you Susan Grunbichler I have the Land Rover Discovery Owners Manual that not lost it's the Haynes service and repair manual which is the one I have been looking for, I have however found the workshop repair manual and downloaded it, which is great. I will end up going in a room and the Haynes book will just be sitting there, I maybe need to just look everywhere and not think about where I may have put it. but as the Internet is so good for researching things I may never that book.

It's normally written on the tyre, the book may not even have the information as the tyres that you have now may not be the ones listed in the manual.

Thank you Susan Grunbichler it's a good idea. however I still hoping that the book will be found.

Do an online search via any of the search engines. You can generally find handbooks and manuals for any and everything, for free.