Everything Must Go

Its now time for a change and most things are now for sale, packing up a house and your stuff is not one of those things that come easy to the girl who like to keep everything, but why do we all keep things, it not like we can take them with us when we died, we don't build little house and stuff them full of the things from this life to use in the next, To all people who have never moved less than a mile down the road from your birth place, I say it one of the best things to do move to a whole new place another country or county, it's a whole new life, while still keeping up your old one, it's better to say I did that and not say I wish I had done that, when I was 19 I was offered a job abroad, having never been outsize of the England yes I can't even say the UK. it was something I could not even think about, that big wide world beyond that which I knew, which at 19 was not a lot. So you ask did I go, no my Mum and Dad would never have let me go, I wanted to move out in too a little bedsit near where I was working, oh boy, no way said my Dad, I left home when I got married but that's a whole other story.

Not in France yet and really don’t want to transport all of this furniture. Freecycle looks to be my best bet. Thanks all for your supportive comments.

Elaine, if you want to give things to charity, why not Emmaus? I've never had anything refused!!

I know just what you are going though Elaine Anderson when I left England, I spend many months with the 3 bags keep, charity and throw, and then I had to go though the keep bag again and again, that was very hard and found myself crying when putting things out that reminded me of loved ones. but chin up darling as Susan Penelope Stout says things don't matter people do and the things that we hang on to which reminded us of them when they are gone we still find that the people are still within our hearts. I do feel for you Susan Penelope Stout I still go looking for that thing I know I had once, the music and books are the hardiest. I was on our local radio for their desert island disks, I had to chose 10 songs and one book.

I just been looking at freecycle.org , changing the world one gift at a time

What I great idea, with so many thing having to be throw away due to fact all furniture and electrical items sold comply with current health and safety standards, safety is all well and good but we have lived many years without it, if we had always throw chairs and sofas away our castle and stately homes would be empty. In this day and age, with the electrical things it is possible to have a centre where they could be taken and checked mended to suit the standards, However I see this note on many charity sites Please remember that we have to be able to sell the items so all donations should be in good condition, that’s all well and good for raising money. However some people whom are very much in need can not buy items and then it’s a good thing to visit some of the local churches, shelters and the local council they often know many people who are in need and who are without, and use Freecycle.org, but please remember not everyone has the internet and a computer, many poor are below the line and unseen.

Where I live now if there is something that someone does not need or want any more its put beside the bin, for anyone, to take before the council removed it. I myself have a plant and a broken pot throw away, we mended the pot and give life to the plant, two years on and it sits happily on our patio.

After moving to France from the US over twenty years ago with a suitcase, a stroller and my five month old daughter I know what it's like. I miss my old books and music which were way to heavy to send but besides that I'm fine. Things don't matter; People do.

I often used Freecycle - you just list the items that you want to get rid. It is a good way of passing on bits and pieces to people who cannot afford new. http://www.uk.freecycle.org/ Good luck with the move :)

I’m in exactly the same position. 40 years of teaching, 24 years in the same house, trying to de clutter ready for my move to France in about 8 weeks time.
I’m finding it very difficult to let go of my “stuff” and if it wasn’t for a very good friend who sits here holding the bin bags while I fill them I’m sure I would never have made so much progress.
This week we have tackled a lifetime’s worth of photos and slides. Our motto: you don’t need the photos, you have the memories.
Now it’s time to get rid of furniture (we have owned our house in France for 7 years and already furnished it) and that’s not easy either. Charities don’t want upholstered items without fire tags and have become very selective about what they’ll take. I have a feeling that a lot of good stuff will end up on the tip!
Wish the sorting and packing was all done and the change of address letters were all written.
Can’t wait for 2013 and the start of my new life.