Everything That Changes in France in: November


(Mary Wolcott) #1

I was looking for more info on the the Xmas market cancellation in Paris. I’d never seen this news website before: The Local… is it something that you look at regularly for news in France?

I thought this article in particular was interesting, maybe useful:

Car registrations
Doctors visits
Postal deliveries
Winter truce for tenants
Civil partnerships
Unemployment benefits for over-50s

(stella wood) #2

and for those who want to use/test their language skills

(Frances Harrison) #3

Yes, this newspaper (The Local) can be useful as is the Connexion. The former printed an article on the darker side of being an expat.

(stella wood) #4

Frances… Thankfully, I have no darker side… but then… I am an immigrant not an expat…:sunglasses:

(Frances Harrison) #5

What I meant Stella is it’s not all beer and skittles and some of us who hoped to be immigrants end up becoming repats, sadly.

(stella wood) #6

Frankly, there is too much going on in my Commune… too many real-life dramas in which I am involved… some more than others, of course.

I cannot worry about what might or might not happen in the future… I am much too worried about what is happening right now. Family and friends expect me to lift their spirits…as I am renowned for my optimism… but my ready smile is getting a little tired.