Ex-pat in France? Expat Expo could be just the ticket!

The first “Expat Expo” is being held on the 4th, 5th and 6th of February 2011 at the Parc Floral in Paris. Expat Expo caters for all expatriates in France whether they are executives or managers, pensioners or students, property owners or investors, as well as those who are planning a move to France.

For executives and managers who need to deal with international mobility issues, EXPAT EXPO is a great opportunity to meet and network with industry experts. They can help with key topics such as legal issues, tax and social expatriation. Relocation agencies, banks, insurance companies, schools, tax consultants, recruitment companies and estate agencies will all be present at EXPAT EXPO to offer advice, information and services.

For existing expatriates, the organisers say the fair is 'an opportunity to explore new opportunities and plan new projects'. Travel, sport, culture, social life, investment, education, shopping…most areas of ex-pat life are covered in some form or another and there are a number of interesting seminars ranging from the usual tax advice to the less commonly explored theme of 'How to successfully integrate a foreigner abroad'. This sounds like a really interesting event and you can find full details by clicking the link below.


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