Ex pat votes

Hi all

I received this in the mail system today from Sir Roger Gale MP, which I think is self explanatory:

"The omission of a specific bill to extend the franchise for ex-pat UK citizens from 15 years to perpetuity prompted near-hysteria until it was realised that the intention was there. Indeed, the Leader of the House told me personally that he hopes and expects that the necessary legislation will be introduced “in this session” which I take to mean to be before May 2016. If that is correct then there ought to be time for the Electoral Commission to make the necessary arrangements for ex-pat UK voters to vote in an EU referendum."

Well that is very good news and hopefully it will come to pass.

I will email Sir Roger back but as always the more that write to him thanking him for his support and letting him know we are available to offer support if necessary will all be grist to the mill.

Peter S