Excellent CdS trolling

Just received my Brexit CdS and have just noticed that one of the security imprints is a line of music… the opening line of ‘Ode to Joy’!


Now that was a fun diversion…trying to work out the significance of the other items - I have a full figured human shape cuddling an ox as well!

Doesn’t seem to figure in card description

Where on earth are you finding the music and shapes? I can’t find anything obviously symbolic on mine…

Tilt the card towards the light, Brian - it looks like a light sort of engraving…

(Having said that, I haven’t got one - it’s my partner’s - I just had to look!)

Thanks, Angela,
I can see the Picasso-esque figures (a strong directional light helped) but I can’t make out the musical notation…

I guess there could be different designs?


ooh would be interested to know if you find out anything else

Did you look at the link?

It would be fun if we each had different 12 notes of Ode to Joy, and could seek out others to complete the whole thing.

Thanks, Tom - I can now see the notes. Mine appear to be slightly more subtle than yours though!

I would be singing joyfully if we had even been called to an interview.

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Don’t panic! The system does seem to be working methodically and well. I hope your RdV (and cartes) happen very soon.

Couldnt see anything about the nature of the pictures?

No, but it did explain that the blobby thing that looks a bit like full figured person hugging the ox is supposed to be a tactile security device.

Europa and the bull.

The benefits of a classical education :slight_smile:


Now you mention it the trace memory returns! Thank you.

This is brilliant. Anybody know if it’s like this for all CdS or just the brexit one?

All of them…

Ah OK that’s less fun then

I thought the score might be part of the Marseilleise but as you and @JaneJones said, it’s the first 3 bars of Ode to Joy. It would appear we all have the same section which is a shame. We could’ve organised a giant flashmob with CDS as the music score…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::innocent::woman_facepalming:t2:

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