Excellent Haberdashery Items In Noz

If anyone lives near a NOZ, they have some fantastic "haby" offers-it looks like a job lot from a shop-it's all 60 cents!

I had a fantastic set of scissors, for 60c!

Everything you could imagine-needles, thread, binding, fasteners, buttons, zips etc etc

Also,they had spools of lovely ribbon from 2- 8 metres, for 30 cents a spool, knitting wools, needles, plus other arts and crafts items-paint brushes, and who knows what else!

On the link there is a shops locator.


I too love Noz and was able to pick up from this haberdashery selection (in Pontivy Central Brittany) some bias tape, ribbon, sewing threads, stitch unpicker, French tailoring chalks and so on. I bought some Filz it felting wool last year which I have since spun (and have loads more in the cupboard).

Will have a trawl around - I have seem one or two for selling fabric etc/

Why don't you post this over on the Knit Natter group - many heads are better than one?

Why not advertise your stuff on SFN??

There is postage etc to consider, but I sold a load of new cook books last year, and people were happy to pay the postage???

Thanks Helen- having read your post Sandy dragged me off to our nearest in Pau yesterday and I spent a happy hour standing around whilst she rummaged about. However, I did find a big book on American store front design so all was not wasted. We then visited a shop next door which was a bit more up market where more things for her aprons and bunting production line were purchased. We used to call NOZ the dead plant shop as when we visited earlier last year they had a window full of racks of dead plants.

Another thought: If I use Thouars, our local town as an example......

I consider it to be "one place"-In fact, there are about 6 communes around it-St Jacques, Vrines, St Jean de Thouars, and so in it goes.

They all have their own maries, so might it be the same in your part of the world- these smaller communes, also have "mini centres" -in the ones I mention, there is a bar, a row of shops, pharmacy, doctors, boulangerie, boucher etc. etc. It may be your shop would fit well in a little "outskirts" area- there is usually much better parking etc etc, so you may well attract people to you.

The other thought......a market stall????


No Noz will not have changed. It's always like that.

We went over Christmas with my sister, brother etc. My sister was in shock and described it as an seamless load of Tut!! When we had finished I showed her what I had picked out she nodded and agreed for what I had it was good. Small baby items to be restitched onto layette sets. Some very good wine at about a third of their original bottle price. Some scrap-booking papers and stickers which my mum will use in her card making. A lot of ribbon for my spring dresses. It's a case of looking at what they have and seeing if you can use it in some way. I often do very well with layette stuff for my sewing.

For habby I usually go direct to the wholesaler in Toulouse but when I saw in Noz packs of black elastic & 18 cms zips at 60 cents each were to good to leave behind. It's very much a case of what they have they have don't expect to find it again so I have to have a fair bit of storage space. I am currently housing 30 + packs of 3 wooden spoons which I use to go in the pockets of my reversible aprons. They only cost me 1Euro per pack so worth buying all they had.

As far as selling on line .http://www.alittlemarket.com/ may be better than etsy, only because it's French based so you can keep the postage costs local. It's crafters and artisans selling in the same way as etsy. I think the charges are better than etsy's also.. Good luck with finding another outlet. Where are you based by the way?

Hi Veronique-have you tried ETSY for selling your stuff?

Also, I was on a group on Facebook a while back, and saw a shop like yours-perhaps it was?

Is it worth enquiring at the Mairie if they have any premises?

Although not quite the same, a friend is opening a charity shop here, and the commune is giving her the place and she has to just pay the electric bill.

In Thouars, our local town, the Mairie is trying to regenerate the old town, and are offering very low rents to get people to trade there - just a thought.

Yes, Noz is a mess, but full of treasure, so keep at it!

I was in the Agen one on Wednesday. Got thread nippers and black elastic amongst a lot of other necessary junk that I just had to have because of the price!!! Mum also did well for her hobby of card making. Love Noz just have to make sure I have programmed in enough time when I go there. never in and out in less than an hour!! I have t look in every box.

We have a second Noz open up near us, so for them at least, business is booming.

Interestingly, I have noticed that on the "arts and crafts" front, they seem to have an astonishing amount of things go through their doors. Fine art products,such as paint, canvas, brushes etc, cones and balls of wool, "haby" items, beading items and so on.

As Noz is a "solderie" and buy up bankrupt stock etc, it does make you wonder though.

Are are these places who have sold these things in the past, shutting up due to pressure of internet shopping?

I remember when I was younger going up to our local knitting wool shop (we had two in a tiny village) and "laying aside" wool, which I would then buy as my pocket money came in. Loads of advice on hand and a MOUNTAIN of choice.

There are "merceries" still around in France, full of bits and bobs "you just might need", but all at a price.

There is a wonderful "haby" lorry that comes to our local market at Thouars on a Friday, and they sell everything you could imagine, and what they don't would fit in a thimble.

Also we have "La Tissuterie" (not sure of the spelling), and they have an excellent range of fabrics, haby items and staff willing and able to help.

On a crafting front, Life in France is good!

thanks for this info Helen - there is one by Dax - must go up and see!