Excellent products for severely dry skin!

I’ve posted before about my incredibly sensitive skin and need to find products that are both effective and that won’t irritate my skin. I’m a big fan of traditional high quality natural ingredients and an equally big fan of online shopping which I find a lot more convenient when I’m looking for specific products. So I was really pleased to be sent some samples from natural skincare experts Purepotions who have teamed up with Holland & Barrett as part of their #CleanBeauty campaign. From now on, H&B won’t be stocking any products containing parabens or micro plastics and yes, they do deliver to France!
Which is just as well because I will definitely be ordering more PurePotions products in the future. They are brilliant and contain organic cold-pressed oils (olive, hemp and safflower) along with calendula, chamomile, nettle and chickweed tinctures making them suitable for people prone to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis etc. I’m currently using a standard size bottle of the Omega Rich Cleansing Oil and judging by the amount I have used in the last two weeks, I estimate that it will last around six months making it a complete bargain beauty product. The same goes for the Intensive Facial Oil which is absolutely wonderful for dry and thirsty skin and looks like it is going to last for months. These products are jam packed with such high quality ingredients that a little goes a very long way. I’m also using the Intensive Moisturising Ointment and have taken to keeping a tiny pot in my handbag for emergency hand and eye care! Again, I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks and have hardly made an indentation in the pot!
I’ve had numerous comments on how good my skin looks since I’ve been using the products and I really can see a difference. If you are after a bargain, check out the web shop at purepotions.co.uk and look at their three ‘Winter Bundle’ packages which allow you to save up to £9 when you buy the facial oil and cleanser together. The products make ideal Christmas presents although the multi-purpose Lavender Nappy salve in the Baby & Child range looks to good to waste on a gift, I might have to keep that and use it as a lip balm and hand cream myself instead. This stuff is really good and I love it!

Hi Catherine, I make and sell natural/organic/vegan products here in France, I did so in England before we moved and have similar products (as do many others), I hadn’t heard of these before reading your post but understand why you like them (obviously, as I have very similar products :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).
My only issue with the web site would be in her wording about “use the gentle goodness of herbs and natural oils”
I’ve been an herbalist/aromatherapist for almost 30 years and herbs can be anything but gentle, it’s probably safe to say as many people will react adversely to some natural products than to many synthetic (myself included), but I still advocate the use of natural products (for obvious reasons) but people need to be informed of the risks associated with herbs and essential oils and not be lead to believe that a product is safe because it’s natural. Chamomile EO for example, there are two types, one is very mild, the other can be extremely harmful. Peppermint EO can cause fits, especially those with a predisposition towards epilepsy.
I know you aren’t responsible for the wording on someone else’s web site so this isn’t directed at you, more just a nod to others who might read your post.

Enjoy your products, and i’d give a huge shout out to products with rosehip oil as it’s one of nature’s diamonds when it comes to healing and scars :heart_eyes:

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I quite agree that some essential oils can be very harmful if not used with caution, especially for expectant mothers and children. I am allergic to aspirin so never use Gaultheria.
I have posted a link here to a site I use when I buy my bio essential oils. It is a mine of information and gives charactertics of oils and their uses. You may find it useful if sourcing products … :slight_smile:


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Gaultheria is wintergreen isn’t it? Poor you can you not even eat delicious wintergreen sweeties etc? I shall look for the essential oil and make some wintergreen rock.
I eat ravinsara and or tea tree (4 or 5 drops in a spoonful of honey) when I remember, in winter, to keep the bugs at bay.

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Have you got a website? Would love to take a look?

Hello Véronique,
Yes it is indeed Wintergreen ! I always use Eucalyptus and honey during the winter, I stir a teaspoonful into a hot drink. If I have the sniffles I carry a small phial of Estragon that I ‘sniff’ from time to time to help clear my nasal passages. A small drop pf Menthe Poivre on my temples for a headache. Always have Tea Tree at home along with several other HE’s.
The reason I buy from Aroma Zone is their very good service + they give so much information from where their oils are sourced too and their postage is very reasonable, free for orders over 35 euros, so we make ‘group orders’ with friends :slight_smile:
My French partner introduced me to HE’s, and in fact he is creating a list of the oils we have and their uses to post on his website ( he sells nothing but gives advice about natural gardening ) when it’s finished I will post the info here for those who may be interested.