Excess Baggage - ono problem solved

Similar thing happened some years ago. When my friend resubmitted her case to be weighed I was sure she would not get away with it - but she did. Phew, but then I spent the flight worrying that the plane was overloaded… :thinking::neutral_face:

Perhaps the airlines should weigh the passengers as well as the baggage.

Don’t go giving Michael O’Leary any new ideas…

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good point - sorry - hope he doesn’t follow our forum :rofl::rofl::thinking:

too late stella:

Wow - I had no idea our forum was so influential :shushing_face::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Absolutely, and charging the largest extra for the amount they encroach into other passengers space.
On second thoughts, reducing the charge for a passenger who has to sit next to a fat mountain.