Exchange rate for UK state pension

I know there was a fairly recently discussion on pension payments, but I can't find it. For those of you who receive your UK state pension directly into your French bank account, could you tell me what rate of exchange was used for this month's payment? Does it show on your bank statement (eg £588 @ 1.37). Still debating whether it's better to use our own currency broker or to let the DWP send direct via Citibank (which apparently uses a cent or 2 above 'tourist' rate). Thank you!

I use XE currency app it gives up date info on exchange rate

I've not had less than 1.38 and currently 1.392 euro to the pound this month at



Thank you Sue. I wonder what they compare the rate they receive with?

Although I'm not in receipt of my OAP yet-all my friends who are, even the really money savvy ones, all say go with the DWP straight into french account. They all say the rate is better.