Exchanging Driver's License - latest delay update

I sent in my app for an exchange by mail to Nantes on March 29 and still no word. I tried an email to ANTS as well as to another one I saw posted on SF in this category with no response. After almost 6 months I was about to send copies of everything in again but read an article in Connexion yesterday that listed the email address I’ve included below. I had a response within hours (!) that confirmed they have received my application (on May 4) but that due to high numbers of apps received it may be two or more months before I hear from them. Once my app pops up in the queue, I will receive either an attestation that the permis is being processed or if app is ‘incomplete’ it will be sent back to me and then I must resend within 2 months. Nice to be reassured at least that the documents have not gone into a black hole. :slight_smile:



That’s fantastic news. I hope everyone on here who is waiting for their driving licence will see your post. Thanks for sharing.

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Yes, thanks for sharing.

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Hi all,
My husband sent off his driving licence app on 21 November 2017! This week, 25 September, received the only communication since. This includes covering letter, tempory french licence for 8 months and a page to complete and return with original uk photocard.
Not bad when our last verbal enquiry at prefecture stated a year!

On another note carte de sejour rdv, a letter received after 5 weeks to return in person.

Just received my attestation with request to send my current original.

an aside…have rdv for carte de sejour at Perigueux so looks like there is some movement.

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