Exclusion in Health Cover


In trying to buy comprehensive health cover I have discovered that I won’t be covered for a medical condition that I have, an exclusion as they call it. If they were to cover me it would be prohibitively expensive.

Are there any alternatives open to me?


We are in the process of this and have been quoted 119 euro for the two of us for a 200%top up on the French system , by Sofia’s broker in France tel 0553904560, seemed a better route than using UK companies

No connection with these people nor do I have a policy with them


One thing I noted was at the top of their page is

There are no medical questions, no exclusions of pre-existing conditions and no personal loadings


Just like the UK there are Insurers specializing in the over 60 market ...also today Ouest France paper published a table for all the insurers ...goggle.fr and get as many French quotes as you can...some advertise they don't take into account pre existing...

Still not entirely sure what can be done while we wait for the 90 days to elapse though.Cigna did mention that they did some kind of interim policy but haven’t seen it on their website.

Okay, thanks, Chris. Although from what Debra is saying, having an exclusion may be to our advantage, as it’s an entry into the French system!

Cyndy, the best quote I’ve had so far is from Cigna but that still contains an exclusion.

No decision from Exclusive’ underwriters yet.I phoned today so will have to be patient. Have had a reply from another provider that has excluded my condition and they will send a letter to that effect.

Our health insurance which tops up our CPAM asked no questions about prexisting conditions neither did any of the mutuelles which I researched.

Hi Debra. I think I may be a bit slow on the uptake here, so please accept my apologies! Is my understanding correct that what I have to do is get PHI, ask the insurer for a letter detailing any pre-existing condition(s) I have for which they won’t provide cover, then the French system will cover for these conditions only, for which I then have to pay into the French system on top of the insurance premium?

Yes we have Debra, but at the moment they are one of 3 who haven’t replied since I filled out the medical forms. If I haven’t heard by tomorrow I will phone them and let you know the outcome.

We have asked 5 different providers for quotes, and so far one has replied, another well known insurer in the UK claimed they didn’t insure for France and the other 3 have gone suspiciously quiet since I filled out the medical questionnaire. I will let you know if and when they reply.
Still think the quote you have had is reasonable as the cheapest I’ve had so far, for a couple, is twice the price.

Chris, can I ask which insurer you have decided on please, so that I can take a look at them?

You will be in the same position as us as early retirees.
I disclosed all pre-existing medical conditions and they seem happy to insure us without loading the price, apart from 1 condition. £175 seems in the right range from my own research.

I’m in the process of moving to France this month, Chris, so still researching health insurance. At the moment, I’m looking at a premium of nearly £175 a month, with quite a hefty excess. That still leaves me up the creek without a paddle if a pre-existing condition flares up - guess I’ll just have to stump up and pay privately from my small savings pot. So much for over 40 years of working and paying into the UK system, not to mention supposedly being part of one big happy EU “family”!

Presumably you have a comprehensive health policy?
The insurance companies will insure some pre-existing conditions but they don’t seem to want to insure my particular problem.

Presumably none of this will apply to me as an early retiree living in France? From what I can gather, the insurance companies won’t provide cover for any pre-existing condition, the NHS won’t cover me because I would be living outside the UK and the French system won’t cover me because I’m an early retiree and not working!

I should probably clarify my own opinion about exclusion…

There seems little point in taking out a comprehensive health policy if it doesn’t cover me for the one thing that may effect me most in the future. When we decided to come to France I had no idea that some conditions might not be covered. Some will no doubt say that I was naive and it’s my own fault if I now have to pay some exorbitant fee to cover myself.
Really not sure what could be done for the 90 day rule but hopefully someone here will!

Thanks for all that info Debra.

Do you think it would be better not to buy a policy before we move at the end of Oct, and tackle the CMU when we arrive?