Exhibiting and Selling ones work

(Linda Shepherd) #1

Two queries to start this thread off!

I have been asked by some local people whether I go to people’s homes to photograph children! Didn’t think I was that good!!! Before I explore this possibility, I need some advice. I know the UK is very very careful regarding anything to do with children. Are there issues here in France I should be aware of? Should I have any special insurance, police clearance and so on?

I am not a professional photographer, and do not intend to go down the commercial road big time, but I would like to try and exhibit and sell a few pictures to finance the hobby. Some of my pet portraits seem to be popular, and friends who sell their paintings, have suggested that this may be a niche locally since no-one else is doing that here. Some practical hints on how to present images and how to market them would be welcomed.


(Linda Shepherd) #2

Thanks very much for the information. I tried to contact you via your gallery website, but the message was bounced back. I would certainly appreciate a sample of the materials you use. My address: Le Bourg, 16350 Benest. I would be looking at either A4 or A3 sizes. I usually shoot large format, resulting in images around 3072 x 4608, depending on the editing I have done. Clearly these files are too large to post here! What size file do you recommend?
The swallowtail above is one of mine - is the definition here sufficient?
Looking forward to hearing from you again,


(neil whitehead) #3

It can be a complicated subject but you can obviously change settings until you get the result you want. Just remember to make a note of the settings!

(Linda Shepherd) #4

OK, I have now done a bit of playing. I Found the colour management on Serif and noticed that I could choose RGB 8 Bits/Channel, 16 Bits/channel and similar with greyscale. Handbook suggests using 16 Bit. Checked the photo and discovered that the original was set to 8bit. Changed the image setting to 16.
Then went into print. Here in the advanced menu I found the colour settings. Choices were: Epson vivid and Adobe RGB. Under the Colour Management menu I found three options: colour control, photo enhance and ICM. IN the Colour mode Adobe there were two options: Gamma 2.2 or 1.8
As an experiment, I chose the ICM option and got an almost true colour result. The blues aren’t quite as bright as above, but at least it is not that deadly yellow tinged image from before.
Perhaps I have resolved the issue? Time will tell. Thanks for making the suggestions. All I need now is to understand the choices! Have managed to find the more detailed explanations on SErif Help. Phew!

(Linda Shepherd) #5

Thanks Neil, I have located the color management section on the computer. Will explore, following your initial thoughts and see where that leads. Will let you know.

In the meantime, here is the image that is causing me the question! On screen lovely and clear. Printed yellowish tones. The only editing I did apart from cropping was to enhance the contrast.

(neil whitehead) #6

As I use Photoshop on a Mac this may be a bit tricky! First thing to do is get your camera, screen and printer using the same colour profile. I use the Coloursync profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1. On the Mac this is found in the Printer Setup Utility under Colorsync. My wife has a PC so I will have a look at her software tommorrow.
In Photoshop there is a Print with Preview screen which has a color management section that shows the Source Space (sRGB) and the Print Space - profile which is the printer name, paper and the inks being used (HP Photosmart 8700-Premium Paper (tricolor+photo+grey). The next section is Intent which is set to Perceptual and a box to tick which is et at Use Black Point Cmpensation. I assume that in Serif there is a similar print page.

(Linda Shepherd) #7

No,I don’t have Photoshop. I use Serif PhotoplusX4 (PPX4).
When I chose to print I’ll go either via PPX4 or Picasa, or directly via the Epson easy Photo Print menu. Each one seems to have a slightly different layout!

(neil whitehead) #8

Do you print from Photoshop?

(Linda Shepherd) #9

I use an Epson printer (SX215), but only up to A4. Can you help me sort out the colour settings please Neil. I have great colour on screen, but when I print the results are sometimes most disappointing. For example I edited a shot of a swallowtail butterfly; Cropped and tweaked contrast. Looked wonderful on screen, perfect to my eye. When I printed it it was muddy. Not sure if it is computer/software/printer. Thanks; Problems up-loading, so I’ll post it later.

(neil whitehead) #10

The A3 prints cost about 6 euros each for inks and good quality paper. I’ve used HP, Epson and Kodak paper to get good quality reproduction in the past but the printer manufactuers do match their inks to their papers. If you want to print your own read the reviews of the latest printers in the photo magazines such as Digital Camera. This will give you complete control and you can tweek the colours to get what you want. The process can be quite daunting to get what you see on screen onto the paper but there is lots of info on the web.
Painter, photographer, illustrator, graphic designer and wicker-bottom chair repairer as well-there is no end to my talents!!!

(Linda Shepherd) #11

Thanks Neil, this is most helpful. I have been exploring some of the on-line printing companies too, and thought I would see what their A4 top quality results are like in order to avoid the fading issue. I certainly couldn’t produce a print of equal quality for the price!The local bar route is also on the agenda!
Didn’t realise you were a painter too - multi talented!

(neil whitehead) #12

I can’t answer the first question, but have been asked to paint portraits of children - mainly from photographs - which has not caused me any problems.
I’m not a pro but I do sell my photographic work. One route is to organise an exhibition at a local restauraunt, at a vineyard open day or at local fetes, vide greniers and events. I often borrow grills from the local mairie or salle de fete to display them on. We fix large sheets to them to provide a background. We also take a table, chairs and flowers plus plenty of literature about me and our othe businesses.
I have an HP 8750 A3 printer and print onto archival paper with HP Vivera inks to reduce the possibility of fading. Frames are mainly from Ikea.For these I ask 55euros. Cheaper prints use clip frames or plastic frames from Leroy Merlin and Castorama. Another source for smaller, odd frames is Emmaus. Marketing is by posters at the local Intermarche, mairie and any shops that will take them. I have been very heartened by the willingness to help of local people.

Here I am at a local event - the casting of 5 bells for the church and a display of the world’s largest chocolate bell!!