Exhibiting art in France, how about your nearest large mairie?

Yes, it's very frustrating. I'm a painter and sculptor living in the Cahors area, Fumel, 47500. I have managed to exhibit just once in Montauban three years ago.

However, I'm about to be included in a multi-person show at the Mairie in Fumel. Turns out that the Mairie has an adjointe culturelle with whom I tried to make contact last year, several times, showering them with business cards. Out of the blue, I got an E-Mail in January for an interview....Thankfully I have a website with all my work on it, so I was able to show the adjointe my work on the spot. I got accepted and now have to submit a list of works to show. Fingers crossed. The show is at the Galeries du Chateau de Fumel, in the Mairie, first two weeks of May if anyone fancies a look.

What fabulously vibrant colours - I especially love skyline 3 and etoiles rouge 2.

Yes, we have visited Moissac Urgence too, a very different story to Saturday night A & E in the London as we were the only ones waiting.

He is actually with the Gallery Bleu Reglisse in Valence D'Agen so can't show his work in Moissac or Auvillar but he can in Castelsarrasin. There is a new gallery in Castel and apparantly only take 10% commission. It does look a lovely space. He has an exhibition in Auvillar in the summer through Bleu Reglisse.

The Galery Shpinx website is http://galerie.sphinx.free.fr/accueil/index.html and Ians website is www.ianpalmerart.com or he has a facebook page Ian Palmer Art

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Good luck with that. There is a similar thing that happens in Moissac which is not that far from you. We can't show my my husbands work as we are with a gallery in the next town and our contract with them doesn't allow it but it may be good for you. Have a look on artisanumerique.fr, Which gallery did you exibit with in Montauban? We currently have an exhibition on in Galerie le Sphinx

As there are only 34 of us in our commune our marie is not high on my list! However, Garlin our nearest town, has said that I could exhibit there but the problem, as at the vineyards, is that they like to start with a vernisage and that can cost quite a bit of money.

What is popular here - dept.64 - is plein air painting days where you pick a local site and have to complete the painting in one day. The public then pick the winners in various categories. The prizes consist of various amounts of money. Unfortunately they tend to happen during july and august at the weekend which are our change over days for our gites so I have not been able to enter so far.

Well done, and Good Luck Jon