Expat Feminine Support Association

Good Morning everyone,

I am planning on opening an unprofitable organisation which is sorely needed. I plan this organisation to be there to help expat English speaking (to start) women in need who are living in France. I already posted this in more than a few places and have a couple women who are interested and would like to get involved. We have already gone through a name search and have worked out a few details. I am looking for as many people as possible who would like to get involved. Pleas do not hesitate to contact me.

We will need psychologists, therapists, social workers, lawyers and attorneys, translators and notaries and volunteers of course oh and an account or budget manager. Funding would have to be gotten of course. In order to create the association, I would need one other person to open it with me according to the French rules.

Please tell me anything that you might think is helpful and anyone interested.

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Perhaps you could tell us, in depth, of your experiences here in France… and why you think that such an organisation as EFSA is “sorely needed”… :thinking:


I’d be interested to know what kind of “need” you are referring to. Is it financial, administrative, language etc etc??


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This is an open forum, so I do not want to share too much information here… but I am speaking from my own experience and experience of many more people that I know personally and in other ways. There are many various agencies in France which are supposed to help women in need, but the fact is they are not very helpful, especially if you are not French… I am not even talking about if you have a low level of French, which some people have.

A person can be in need at any point in time… no matter when they arrived.


Hello Mandy,

The need can be financial, or administrative or language or help with dealing with relationship issues, including violence, children’s needs including how to succeed with various doctors, psychologists, special needs and so on… legal issues as well. I’d like one association to be able to provide the necessary information, help and to have direct connections with others.

That’s interesting. I have found myself in need these last few months after losing my hubby and the advice and support given on this forum has been invaluable to me. I hope you are able to achieve something similar but I imagine it will depend on the quality and dedication of your volunteers.

I wish you the best of luck.

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There are many French Associations/Help-lines (that sort of thing)… do you plan to be linking up with them in some way…?? :thinking: I would think that could prove very useful… :blush::blush:

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Thank you. I plan to burundaise after opening the organization, so we are not only going to have volunteers but yes, they will be needed.

Yes, there are many associations and groups and social services that are “supposed” to help… but that is only the idea, the reality is different as people that came in contact with all these organizations found out. Also, they are all not connected it to each other and there is no one in charge of them, so if they don’t do their job… there is no way to make them. In the meantime, women suffer, children suffer and years pass…

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I’m trying to get my head around what you are proposing…

When you say an “unprofitable organisation”… what do you mean…

and what do you mean by “barundaise” ???

Is the following site one of those that you reckon doesn’t work …??

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I think she means association à but non-lucratif ie not-for-profit. No idea about burundaise it just got me thinking of Eddie Izzard (“je suis le président du Burundi”).
What would make this asso different?
If you are calling on professionals are you expecting them to work on a voluntary basis?
What will your status be with reference to the sécu since you will be paramedical?
What are your qualifications and have you any experience of the secteur associatif in France?

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I am wondering how Diane’s “Association” will fit in with the other official ones…

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Véro… can anyone open/form an Association ?? wondering what the regulations are… is it just for French Citizens or can folk on a CdSejour or Visa… start-up ???

Is burundause a spell checker misspelling of liaise or is it something to do with an East African country?

No, no condition of nationality, here are the rules


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fascinating… :relaxed::relaxed:

It’s a spelling mistake. I meant fundraise. I mean non-profit, an organization that will not charge the people it will be helping. An organization that will offer free help. As to the association that you mention, they were not able to help me or anyone I know.

Oh my goodness… that does seem to show something lacking.

Are we talking about French people or Foreigners, who were not able to be helped ???

I am not sure about the name… we had a discussion in several places but the subject is Expat Feminine Support Association - EFSA. It’s definitely lacking.