Expat Healthcare for Pensioners

Hello there. I just wondered if anyone had any

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Yes, form S1, previously E106/E121, extends entitlement to health care to another EEA/EU country, and is provided by the DWP. Coming as an existing pensioner it does not include treatments for pre-existing conditions, if any, but naturally includes routine dental and optical checks. The mutuelle, French top up insurance, is required for us all anyway and can be quite a surprise for some people who imagine that France offers a service like the NHS. Anyway, that is why I recommended looking at 'useful links' where they can find all the information they will probably need.

Surely if she is a pensioner she can get an S1 from DWP and then have healthcare cover via CPAM with her own Carte Vitale plus a top up policy. The level of top up is dependant on how much she wants to pay, especially with respect to dental and eye care.

Go to 'Useful links' (top of page left) and look for health, then look through until you find the information you want. The bottom line is that you will need private insurance for her and no you cannot add her to your Carte Vitale.

How bizarre .... I was sure my post was complete ... obviously not! Anyway, help please. My mother-in-law is considering moving to France to be near her family and is worried about a lot of things. One of which being Healthcare including dental care. I'm presuming we can not add her to our Carte Vital as she is not a dependent but I was wondering what the deal was for expat pensioners? Does anyone have any advice on the system or have contacts for good medical insurance. Many thanks, Christian

Like David, I am wondering what any of of as might have had any of?

I'm not entirely clear what this is about. Could you expand your post so me and others like me have a clear idea of what you are asking?