Expat Lives (Television programme)

Wild Pictures are making a 2 x 60 minute series for ITV1 about British people who have moved abroad to Spain, France and Florida. They will be looking at whether the dream has lived up to their expectations, the reasons for leaving the UK and exploring the challenges of moving to a new country. They are also looking at how expats are surviving the economic downturn and whether they are heading home or finding ways to adapt and stay.

If you would be interested or know someone who would like to take part, please use the contact details below.

Wild Pictures - An independent television production company based in London that specialises in high end access based documentaries for all the major broadcasters. www.wildpictures.co.uk

Contacts: UK London Tel: 0044 (0)203 2274930

Deborah@wildpictures.co.uk Deborah Lovett

Lucy@wildpictures.co.uk Lucy Hinson



.......runs screaming in the opposite direction.......LOL

Yes I was contatced...AS I said.

Too established they said...Ah
Will help you locate lots of interesting people I said....AS LONG AS you are

looking for the positive. But in view of all my expereinces with production people

Remember I was just along the road from Kensington House BBC

and so many programmes were conceived in my restaurant plus interviews galore.


the sucess story. Heart and soul rarely get a look in.

So be careful.

was phoned by the production company and definately not a little England copy. Looking for people of all walks of life and reasearching what the financial downturn has had on our familys and life. I have all the details if anyone is interested. They want real life events to follow e.g wedding, new business venture, moving house etc.

was told they are not looking for people just to sit and talk about life here they want to be following thier subjects through a series of weeks/months

I understand Bill, been here for 21 years, always lived with a Frenchman, always worked speaking French, far too happy for a documentary

Hi Jan

I'm guessing you logged in via Facebook? Nothing to do with me - blame Mark Z!!

Where the 'ec did you find this picture?? Its was taken about 15 years old in the canteen at Central television studios in Nottingham. Lots of water and mud under the bridge since then, but I am still very curious at to how the picture turned up here? Did I put it here???

Hope it’s not going to be another Little England programme. Sigh.

I have no idea what they are looking for, I suggest anyone who is interested get in touch and have a chat.

AH yes heading home to look for a financial hand out and a chance to struggle in a different way.

The snow is always softer on the other side of the sea.

YesJames...Think that I have mentioned it on here more than a week ago.

But when I spoke with Deborah she seemed to unsure of what she really wanted

and that I was too successful.

I feel that they are looking for the STRUGGLE and drama which adds up to documentry misery.

I think that SF is a success bring everyone together.