Expats in Sancerre on SF?

I would like to communicate with expats who would be willing to discuss their experiences of living in Sancerre.

I’d like to get more insight about things ranging from what the mairie of Sancerre might be like to talk with, to what issues do you have with people in town who own pets (dog poop on the streets, for example).

Do the Sancerrois have town meetings to discuss issues? How dynamic is the town? Is the noise from building repairs too bothersome in the winter months? There’s a new parking area being built with a beautiful view and a children’s playground; do you think that will be a good thing? Is Sancerre becoming a sort of giant wine-on-the-hill Disneyland or does it have lots of ‘depth’? What’s the opinion about ecology issues, in Sancerre? I’m getting the sense that the supermarket at the base of the hill has taken commerce away from the center of the town at the top of the hill…the big box issue, perhaps?

Stuff like that. :slight_smile: