Experienced Business English Teacher needed: Dept 79 ( 30km de Poitiers Dept 86)


(Hilary Newhall) #1

The organisation I work with is looking for an experienced business English teacher, as above. Please contact me in the first instance. Thanks. - Hilary

(Hilary Newhall) #2

Hi Barbara,

I understand that someone’s been found for this position. If there are any similar positions in the future, I’ll post on here and in the job centre group.

Best wishes


(Barbara Carol Stallard) #3

Hi, Hillary, I am interested in knowing more about the qualifications for the position. I was in American business (banking) for two decades and am skilled in the writing required for business. My master’s is in teaching special education and my bachelor’s is in psychology. I am also a published poet. Regards, Barbara Stallard