Experienced care assistant /companion

  1. A Housekeeper Companion
    You can look after yourself quite well, want to stay independent, and do not require care overnight. But you’d be glad of extra help in the house, as well as some company and a sense of added security. In that case, a Housekeeper Companion is an ideal and low-cost alternative to employing a Home Carer.

You may want help with cooking, cleaning, washing, dressing, shopping, looking after your pets, etc, or you may want more wide-ranging assistance. You can choose exactly the level of support you want, and the timing of it – from occasional to daily.

  1. A Home Carer
    You would like all the support outlined above, but you also need the kind of extra care that can be provided by a qualified carer. You want to retain control of your own life so you can live independently in your own home and surroundings, but you would like fuller personalised care so that your individual needs are attended to.

This option means that you can enjoy anything from short-term help after a hospital stay to long-term assistance with personal care.
I am available from January 2019
Please feel free to contact me and discuss a service that is right for you

Hello Eileen

It would doubtless be useful for folk, if you could you list your French qualifications and siret number… etc (whatever)


Hi Stella

I have Irish qualifications which I have on my cv and can bring to a client I have been working as a full time care assistant for the last two years on a cdi contract my employer uses cesu scheme I wasn’t aware I needed French qualifications to advertise on this site my apologies I will remove it

Hi Eileen…

I said nothing about advertising… I merely pointed out that it could be useful for folk to know what qualifications you have… I mentioned French, since French qualifications are what most folk seem to have… for one thing or another…

so, let’s start again…

Are you classed as “Aide-Soignante” or “femme de ménage”

You’ve mentioned Irish qualifications… I’m presuming they are recognized in France… so do you have a Siren/Siret number that you can put here on this thread ??? or how are you registered for working ???

This will help folk to make an informed decision …