Experiences of buying a car from a mandataire auto?

I have finally got to the stage of starting to think seriously about buying my first french car here and also a french make (Peugeot) for the first time.
In the past in the UK, I have used brokers who have negotiated very good deals from main dealers and I understand that a mandataire does something similar. I would be very grateful to hear of people’s experiences of using mandataires - and any recommendations would be great too. - both of dealers and brokers.

2 different friends of ours bought from Mandataires about a year ago - the both picked up the cars from Bordeaux in a smooth process.

They both bought Renaults but plenty of Brands available.

I think they both bought from https://www.auto-ies.com/

Hope this works.
We bought from Auto Ici 4 years ago and got a fantastic deal and service. Also recommended to a friend who got the same fantastic service and price.
They offered to deliver but we collected and made a mini break of the whole experience.

Yeah, it worked!
Good luck with your search

Oxylio, agencies nationwide and great prices,

Thank you all - I’ll start looking at the recommendations…

One thing to be aware of.
Some manufacturers (Hyundai for one) will not honour any outstanding guarantee term that may be left on the car if bought through a mandataire.