Expired / Expiring UK Driving Licences

If anyone has an expired UK licence or expiring in the next couple of weeks, I am referring to column 11 or 70 with an original paper licence, and live outside of Paris, I can escalate this to CERT direct which usually gets it processed immediately.

I cannot help with an expired photocard, 4b unless it has a direct impact on your work.

I’m sorry do not have a relationship with CREPIC (Prefecture de Police in Paris) but they are contactable by phone and email.

I prefer Facebook Messenger but I can try and return here, however you will need to give me full names and dates of birth for me to be able to bring it to CERT’s attention, if you are not comfortable with that then I’m sorry I can’t help but I completely understand, I am just giving you the heads up on the info I will need.

If you have had your application rejected but you know you have met the current criteria then you must apply again.

This is the new agreement criteria for a UK Licence.

UK Licences or Photocards, driving test passed BEFORE 01.01.2021

Original UK paper licences or photocard, driving test passed, column 10, before 01.01.2021, continue to be recognised as legal and will be eligible for exchange either:

  • 6 months before expiration or your photocard (4b) or old original paper licence.
  • or you commit an infraction resulting in points to be taken.
  • or lost or stolen
  • or new category to be added to your licence
  • deterioration/tatty original paper licence.

Expired UK licence and photocard driving test passed before 01.01.2021, continue to be eligible for exchange.

I prefer for people to join my Facebook Group as all my Guides and Instructions are there on what documents you require (the ANTS site does not show them all) and how to apply are on my group but again understand if you don’t wish to join FB.

The group if you are interested is Applying for a French Driving Licence

I only take people resident in France on the group and if I cannot see that you live in France and I don’t mean just a town name then your application is likely to be rejected, best policy is answer the joining questions then message me. Sadly I’ve had too many “non-residents” join and vast amounts of spam so the criteria to join is now very tight.

I hope this is of some use to some of you.

NB. I archive my group every Sat morning until Mon morning and bank holidays so if you can’t find it on these days this is why.


Hello Kim,
when I click on the link, I receive the following message: “This content isn’t available at the moment”.

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Sorry I forgot to add the group is archived until Monday I’ve only just got back from the UK but had messages from SF so answered those and then thought I would offer the opportunity to people on here as well.

It’s very kind of you to be so helpful.
There are so many folk, worried out of their minds as license deadlines loom.

I have a pal caught up in ANTS at the moment… I’ll point him at your FB Group if he has any major hassle.


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Not that we’ve done this recently, but this clear, excellent post seems perfect for a ‘stay on topic’ tag if anyone knows how to do it.


Thank you Kim.

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Excellent clear posts, @kim - thank you!

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There is a case in front of the judiciary in Brive at the moment. An Englishman, 84 years old at the time 3 years ago, lost control of his automatic car, pressed the accelerator instead of the brake when making a simple turn, crashed into another car where a young couple were changing a 15 month old girl. The child was killed and he panicked when the airbags went off and pressed harder. The two adults were seriously injured, she finished up under his car. His UK driving licence had expired, over 10 years since previously renewed and he suffered from glaucoma.
No alcohol,drugs or phones involved probably just not fit to be driving. Will be interesting to see what comes out further and what the sentence will be.
A strong warning for those avoiding the rules!

We are supposed to be staying on topic……but not sure why this has anything to do with obeying rules? And what rules? French licences are valid forever…… so had he exchanged he would still be legally entitled to drive. It is only in the UK you have to renew after 70 and even then you aren’t obliged to have a medical. My 74 yo BIL with dementia was driving until he crashed the car (no-one hurt) and sis refused to get another one, So sad tale, but not unusual here unfortunately.

Facebook group :roll_eyes:

Seriously :roll_eyes:

You might not like FB but I have helped 1000’s achieve a French Licence through this media.

I run a good group on FB and it’s well respected, not all FB is bad.


I would have thought it pretty damned obvious. Either keep your UK licence up to date or get a French one :roll_eyes:

I agree Kim (there’s a whole thread somewhere on SurviveFrance featuring John and I arguing just this point! - I think of Facebook as a bit like the only pub in an English village - there’s always a loud half-cut racist boor at the bar, but if you find a quiet corner with like-minded people it can be quite nice…)


Absolutely Kim, but your good efforts and those of people like you are what drives Zukerberg’s business model and gives FB access to people’s private data, which it abuses and montizes. All FB is bad because FB is bad, there is no safe FB.

You would have been better using this platform.

There are no quiet corners on FB Geof, everyone is surveilled and analysed and pigeonholed. If a Government tried to keep as much data on individuals as FB does there would be an uprising. FB makes the KGB and Stasi look benevolent. People just don’t understand, yet. And I haven’t even started on misinformation :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser

Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe by Roger McNamee

An Ugly Truth by Sheera Frankel and Cecilla Kang

Hopefully I’m not veering off topic with this question but is there a way of exchanging non-expired licences? ANTS understandably rejected my application that I submitted last year. I’d like to learn to ride a motorbike (it’s much more enjoyable riding here than the cold, wet UK!), but my local driving school won’t do it without having my UK licence exchanged for a French one

Yes, get penalty points for speeding! OH did. :grin:

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Or ‘loose’ it?


Oh, that’s interesting and presumably less expensive than Sue’s suggestion (but admittedly also less fun :grin:)

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If you use the internet then your FB argument is obsolete.

I thought this thread was to stay on topic which is why I posted, you are just disrupting for the sake of it.

I get it you don’t like FB.