Exporting a Tractor to France

Hi We want to take our tractor and implements to France when we move for use on our land. We have some transport quotes but, can’t find out about customs duties or whether we can include these in our personal belongings so no duties to pay does anybody know where we can get the information? Many Thanks

I guess whether you plan to register your it for road use will make a difference.

I asked for a quote to take my old beaten up 1964 Deutz back to UK.
The transport lady said she’d enquire but wasn’t hopeful.
What can possibly be the problem ffs?!
There’s no paperwork but why would it need any ?
It’s going to be on the farm doing tractor stuff, & the like…
Feels like we’re just keeping bureaucrats in work.

I think what the French would do is just bring it with other household stuff and a few (very clean) hand tools.

Have whatever declaration ready if asked - as 1964 that old the value will be zero so any % of zero charged is zero. it’s offroad, surely?

Others may know better but that’s what I’d do. And I’d not do the journey this side on motorways.

We don’t want to take it on the road it’s just to maintain our own land but we are trying to decide whether it would be cheaper to transport it all to France or buy out there? I just can’t find out what the custom duties would be and not sure who to ask?

Yes we did wonder if it could be listed under our belongings?

If it has wheels and an engine I understand it has to be insured. Not sure how this would work if it has no paperwork.

@fabien would probably know…

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Yes so much paperwork now

I’m not sure there is a definitive answer possible to this question, the French bureaucracy can be difficult to predict all you can hope for is to plan for the worse and hope for the best. Given this transport and import is post Brexit (unless I’m reading an old post?) then import duties will be payable on the value and the French Customs can determine the value. Here you would need to rely on the transport haulier to fill out all the documents needed and let them argue with customs I suspect.
Another issue to consider would be if you would later need mechanical assistance from a French artisan to fix / repair / maintain this tractor and if so then my advice is to sell everything in UK and buy in France.
Good luck.

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probably be cheaper and less hassle in the end anyway :wink:
Someone else with a similar question was looking for a transport company to transport a specific make/marque of tractor from the UK because the same one wished for isn’t available from the French importer. Not sure if that member had a successful outcome in his search but France is very much an agri-savvy country with many types of implements available - both new and second user - so why put yourself through the import mill?


And to add @graham there are some great tractors in excellent condition to be found. All spare parts will be easier to find and fit (metric) so for me I don’t see the advantage to export from UK.

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That’s good information and advice! Yes that’s what I am thinking now sell here in the uk and buy when we get there! Thanks very much for your input!