Extra costs : Malus automobile : modifications des règles en 2021 (12 oct. 2020)

Taxe malus will be charged on vehicles like a Mitsuibishi SUW. It literally doubles the price of the vehicle.
But if you have the money to build a new garage for that monster, which is so wide and high, that a regular garage will not fit to house the vehicle, then the malus is your least concern!
I do not envy the people that meet this vehicle on the small French roads!

I really don’t know, what these people in the design department of the automobile manufacturer think to make the vehicles that large. I wonder, whether they have ever been on the small roads!

Haha you don’t now anything about cars do you? No car lover whold class any Mitsuibishi model as big

Even a 7 seater Outlander? Surely that is fairly big? Mind you I don’t see my car as big either, though some people do - and I didn’t think my 9 seater was huge when I had it.

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They are not that big compared to some German brands ore American

My German car is very dainty.

My old s class is bigger than a outlander is

Malus system is just there to make people buy electric vehicles but the problem is if you need a car with more than 4 seats you can’t get anything for the same price the biggest electric car to buy now is over 100000 euros no big family can afford that

I know nothing about cars, I generally don’t know what they are until I see it written on the back. They all look much of a muchness which is why I loved my beautiful emerald green Trafic so much, I could find it in car parks. My current car is a Mercedes, it is almost 5m long and it is 1.8m wide but it isn’t as gorgeous as the Trafic. At least it isn’t an Audi. I won’t be buying an electric car until they can carry most of my children and do 1000 km in a day on motorways without being charged en route.

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Thats is the problem for most normal families today no company makes a affordable electric car that has space for big families just being able to get the kids and the shopping in

Well the Mitsuibishi Pajero is a big car. It would not fit into a regular French garage! Even the 2020 version of a Mitsuibishi Outlander is wider than the garage door I have at the farm.

Thanks for your compliment, that I do not know anything about cars!

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That depends on when the house is built most modern houses around here are 2 door garages with space for a motorcycle to and if you live in the country side most people have a barns where you can park a tractor so a small suv can definitely fit there too

We used them as ambulances in Pakistan - good vehicles.