Extra mature cheddar cheese

On a rare visit to Leader Price I discovered some Extra Mature Cheddar cheese next to the usual French varieties. I was a little sceptical but bought some anyway as it's always good to have a little taste of the UK. It's absolutely delicious so thought I would share my discovery with you all.

I found mature cheddar in my local Intermarche last week. Good quality and not tooo expensive at €7 for 650g. First time I have seen it here in 10 years! Long may it continue :-)

We get our mature cheddar from Intermarche too. It’s on the cutting counter rather than the pre-packed fridge.

Leclerc do the Seriously Strong Cheddar here in Figeac.

It depends on your Carrefour, haven't seen any fresh/bulk cheddar in our local Carrefour in N Lyon for years, just the Cathedral City

Our local Leclerc and Grand Casino have it on the fresh cheese counter so you can get it cut to the size you want.

You can find good cheddar at Carrefour at about 15.50€ a kg thats down in the SE. You will find it in the main deli section you have to ask how much you want.

Sadly, not available in my local Intermarche. I live in an area where there aren't that many ex-pats so the supermarkets don't bother to stock much British food. Tant pis!

I'll look out for that. Thanks.

That's the only problem with this cheese. But when I got home I took it out of the packet and wrapped it in foil. It's worth a try if you're missing a good extra mature cheddar.

Haven't kept the receipt but I think it was 2€29 for 200g. Might have been a bit more than that but certainly less than 3€.

Thanks for that Steve. I just can´t stand any sort of cheese in a plastic wrapping!

If you like strong cheddar but can't find any, try Vieux Gouda that some supermarkets stock. Not quite the same but does have real taste.

A few months ago I was in Intermarche, Mirande and noticed that they had a mature cheddar amongst all the French cheeses and had a sample and now get all my cheddar there. Shame that they don´t also stock a good mature stilton. I am trying to track down the French cheese Vieux Lille or as it is also known "old stinker."

How did the price compare to the UK that's the important part for those of us that get our shopping delivered.


Thank you Mandy! Next time we go to La Souterraine we'll be straight into the Leader there. Fingers x'd they have some :)