Extreme Mountain Biking

Well it has been a long while since I have been here on the network, so what have I been up to. Well I have decided to give up my job to ride full time for charities. I have set up a new organization which rides some pretty extreme mountain bike rides.

I ride solo and unsupported on most of the rides to make them as tough as possible. We are currently planning a raid across the Pyrenees just under 1000km of offroad riding. I will be carrying all I need to survive for 8 days and by the end of the trip I would have cycled up Everest 3 times.

We are currently trying to raise around 7000 euros to get the equipment needed for the rides themselves, which we are using our facebook networks and contacts for.

We are in partnership with two major charity organizations and looking to gain sponsorship through various companies dealing with extreme sports. Each of the rides we attempt will be filmed, then made into ten part documentaries and loaded onto our You Tube channel. People will also be able to follow the rides via google earth as we are using a helmet mounted camera with gps tracking in it.

So exciting times ahead if any members here would like to read more about us at Epic Raid then check out our website or visit our facebook and "like" to help support us.

website: Epic Raid
FB page: Facebook

So maybe you lovely folks at SFN could get behind this project and show some support.

Thanks in advance

Team Epic Raid

@ James I may well be in touch for some ideas on raising our profile across social networks or other social networks. We are in partnership with Shelter Box who are based in Grenoble so we have French charity team onboard ;)

Well the idea is that the more risky the rides the more interest they gain. The equipment needed once we have it will last at least four years so thats a lot of rides for the charities we help. The reason I gave up my job is that each ride takes so much planning and preperation it is not possible to do both. We have rides planned to go directly after the Pyrenees attempt also. Vin these are not holidays they are extreme attempts on routes in various location aiming for the quickest time to complete them. For me a holiday would be I don't know say relaxing on a beach somewhere in the south France, with a glass of red wine of course :)

Vin, presumably because the event itself will raise awareness and potentially attract sponsors willing to donate more that the 7k required for equipment? Good luck Jason, let me know if we can do anything to help.

what is the point!!!! why not give the 7000Euros to the charity rather than spend it on a silly journey that might end up with you getting injured, and if you have given up a job is this day and age do some volunteering work while you look for another job !!!! then you can donate to charity from your wages and mountain bike in your spare time !!!!! why shoud you ask people to donate money to your holiday in the hope that you might raise more.........rant over now !!!1