Eye eye

Robespierre’s lost eye

Here's the eye, in situ

the sequence which btw looks good in full screen view, I did using 'Keynote' the mac slide presentation App. My original copy of which is corrupted, but I think a new one is only about 15 Euros, I may re-invest as it's a fun Application.

Hope you can see the video, James. Franz ( Robespierre/ his alter ego/ and the name of the band ) is a larger than life character who hails from Munich. He is a lovely guy, and the über-talented band do many free concerts in their native country. His party piece is a scary beady eye which he uses to great effect, hence the sequence.

Working now, thanks Ron :)

do you mean this video, James?

It looks like the video is unavailable or is that just me?

does he want it back?

wood eye?

Don't you dare show any pictures of me!

This was the night where the glass eye fell out, bit of a health 'n safety risk I suppose, but that's rock 'n roll!

Yup, lost his eye, and the rest of his marbles.

The eye belonged to Robespierre a Big Bavarian Cheese with whom I shall be gigulating next week... ( it's OK he does have another one )

Ronwald, warum schaust Du mir so komisch an? Ei-Ei...

is that the German Guy?