Just been to have my eyes tested. The good news is that there's no glaucoma or cataracts. The other news is that I need glasses. Just read another thread on buying glasses here from last year that says that "Générale Optique" is the best place to go. Any updates on that??

Done it!! Just been down to the local "General d'Optique" and placed my order. (Incidentally, I cannot praise them enough for service and courtesy!) After all the horror stories I've heard, I was amazed at how little I ended up paying. Admittedly, the lenses I was prescribed are not very strong and on the doctor's advice I went for two pairs rather than bi-focals. But after the contributions from Aviva and the RAM/RSI the two 89 euro pairs cost me 37 euros. That's me with the big grin!

Middle son lost his 340 euro glasses in the UK - got a perfectly adequate replacement from Specsavers for 45 quid ......

And I need varifocals because I am getting old, best get a flight booked then!

My local French insurance guy flies on Ryanair to England and buys from Specsavers 'cos it's cheaper!

We to used Krys in Auch . On my first visit for glasses in France I went into Krys as they had the 2nd pair for 1€ , they were very helpful when I said I wasn't sure how the cover worked they immediately called my complimentaire and found out how much I could spend and then showed me what my choices were.

When DH need his glasses renewed a couple of months later we went to the Visiopole in Condom only because it was behind the Opthalmologue. What a contrast, I started on the same premise by saying this is his 1st prescription in France we have cover but could you check how much exactly, we were greeted by a rant about how it wasn't his job to find that out it was up to us, after a few minutes of being told off few voted with our feet and drove to Agen to another Krys. they found out what we wanted to know and were also very helpful.

We have just ad to have new glasses and both went to the krys in Auch same helpful service. No1 son also had equaly good service from an Alain affelou and a Krys in Bordeaux.

We bought ours from our local Krys and are very happy with their service and style options