Fabulous finds!

I am unreasonably pleased with this, it's a salt mill in the shape of a wine bottle! I bought it as a present for Catharine a while ago but I've only recently found this delicious Himalayan coarse salt to go in it. I love it, it makes me smile whenever I use it!

What's the best thing you've found recently?



I live in Sud Vendee, near to La Chataigneraie - there is a new little shop near the church - the proprietor is English and very nice. He visits the UK once a month to stock up on many British goods, and brings over Hot Cross Buns, crumpets, thick sliced white bread for toast and many UK goodies,including some UK hair products you do not find in France. If you are ever this way it is well worth a visit.

Not wildly original, but I have recently discoveredMaldon Smoked Salt Crystals. OH brings them over for me in his rucksack on the weekend. He's such a smooth operator, knows how to please the ladies......

Where do you live Margo? I know where to get crumpets, plus I have a stack of recipes for making them!

Well the best thing I found in a wine bottle…was wine…

Sel rose de Himalayas - yes I love that salt too. The best thing I found recently was Crumpets ! I had not eaten any since leaving England seven years ago - what a treat with butter and honey - Yum and cheer joy !