Face mask - cottage industry

Morning All

We have just volunteered to help the Marie in a project to assemble face mask.

The Marie has been asked to produce a number of face masks by the Department.

We have agreed to take 50 kits which will take about 15 mins each to assemble.

We think this is to make the masks available after 11th when I think the 1km limit will be relaxed, and the masks will be compulsory when you leave the house.

Just guessing but it makes sense.

Anybody else been approached. ? We are in La Manche (50)


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Madame has been making them from an online pattern we downloaded. Already using them for supermarket visits, but no official requests here.
I wonder about collecting and distribution of home made masks, What about treatment to prevent possible contamination? If not done properly they could actually help to spread the infection. People making and distributing masks might need to have antibody test.

Interesting points Mike.

When we know more about the scheme I will let you know


Many areas are doing this sort of thing and, certainly here, specific “rules” are in place to guard the health of all the workforce and to not spread any germs.

We are doing them here,last week the mairie sent out a plea for volunteers and apparently the materials will be distributed later this week. In the meantime I’m using tightly woven 100% cotton patchwork material. Unless already prepared as kits don’t be surprised if it takes longer than 15 mins per mask!

I understood that the masks being issued by the government were to a certain standard, not home made.

Many communes are planning to issue masks to their citizens… that is independent of whatever the government is saying/doing…

That explains it then. I have not been asked to make any masks here.

Our town (not our tiny commune) asked for volunteers to make masks, but didn’t get many stepping forward. So they have apparently now bought enough to give one to each resident on production of proof of address.

Which has upset people in our commune as the old mayor has washed his hands of everything so won’t get involved in mask debates, , but the new mayor has yet to be confirmed so has no power to do anything.

the “old” maire and his adjoints have full powers… even if the Maire steps back… the adjoints take over… and failing this… the higher authority steps in…

I do know of places where the "new"maire is being kept in the loop even if he/she has no actual power yet… but these are strange/difficult times… so not everything happens as it should… :frowning:

Charente has asked for volunteers to make masks. Many offers from what I hear. Masks will be handed out by the Mairies from May 4 onwards.
A friend has been busy making Masks for a few weeks now. I cannot find my sewing machine in the chaos of boxes from moving over. Still many unpacked and stashed all over the house.

sorry for the sidetrack of this thread to Maires, councils and Elections…

but… until the New Councillors meet after the 2nd round… and elect a Maire (by secret ballot) there is NO new Maire…

Yes our village has only 100 inhabitants so we are making masques for everyone. We start Friday I’m going with machine elastic and fabric. Don’t know any more than that at the moment. It will give the shops time to get in stock.

goodness… only 100… I think our village are making enough for every man, woman,child… and the dogs as well… :roll_eyes:

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also sorry nto intrude, but can you tell me how I can change my email address for SF? I have finally given up my Orange / wnandoo one through sheer fed-upness with the non-service offered, but I can’t seem to find a way of getting SF onto my new gmail account - normanclark628@gmail.com.

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Norman, you’ll find your email address can be changed under “Preferences”.

I’ve never done this and would hate to muck things up… so I’ve brought James in on this…

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I’ve done that for you.


My wife has been making homemade fabric masks for the local rural communes for the past fortnight, via our local Mairie. I’ve dropped off 2 packets of the things at the Mairie, and an adjointe has been up twice as well to collect from the house, and to bring her extra fabric donated by the population. She’s also had a generous donation of material from a neighbour in the hamlet. My wife is a member of the Couturières Solidaires movement.


I made 75 for the Charente. Took me a week as had to cut out the squares and sew two together before creating the mask and attaching the ties. With regards to Mike’s concerned re passing on any bugs I practiced good hygiene by working in a room away from anyone else and by washing my hands, rubbing on hand gel and cleaning work area with antibacterial spray. Completed masks were then put into new unused plastic bags for delivery to collection site.


I started off making ours and masks for our neighbours to use, too. We let the mairie know we would be happy to provide, I’ve just run up 25 in an afternoon and there will be another 50 to do once the maire manages to get her hands on some elastic.

It’s bog paper in the UK but it’s the elastic that’s run out over here!

Our mairie has done a great job sourcing and cutting out the material so it is all ready to stitch up. Pattern provided too.

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