Facebook login

I am having numerous reports of suspicious activity and attempts to login to my FB page. Attempted logins from all over the place in France. At this rate I’ll be running out of passwords soon. Anyone out there have any idea what’s going on. Used Malware Bytes on top of my normal antivirus protection and nothing apparent. It does though seem to have some relationship to logging on via Chrome.

IIRC Chrome is the worst offender world wide.
Change to Firefox…

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Dump FB would be my advice.

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Thanks for that bit of information Graham.

Hi David,

It might be worth seeing if there’s a mobile phone or something you tried to connect with that no longer has the right password. If its still trying then every time it connects you could get a warning.

You might want to consider using a password manager to ensure your passwords are all unique. There are lots out there (I use keypass 'cos its v simple) so all my passwords are random. Re-using the same passwords on different sites is a bad idea and a manager means you will never run out.

Bon courage!

Thanks for the suggestions. FB seems to have recovered from its hissy fit.