Facebook - Possible end to operations Europe

Hope so.


Agreed. Stopping using Facebook after watching the Great Hack on Netflix was one of the bet things I’ve done in ages. Don’t miss it in the slightest. It had the potential to be a really useful tool, but is just a cesspit of fake news and narcissistic validation.


Yes please…get rid of.

It’s a threat to try to get its own way - there is approximately no way FB wants to throw away the revenue from the EU


been taking lessons from Doris then :rofl:


Oh thank god for that!

Yes it’s all sabre rattling bolix. But isn’t Nick Clegg as little shit after all.

Stickers on the back of our cars for a long time… especially gratifying as we have an apartment and parking beside Facebook’s European HQ.

How can the World be held to ransom by some little twerp, the 36 year old Mark Zuckerberg. Globally we’ve lost our minds.


But is it? You have a choice - use his product on his terms, or don’t.

I don’t :wink:

Nor do I - but I think we are in a minority.


Make that a minority of 3 then :wink:

Make that 4, unfortunately OH uses it. Her favourite (well one of them😲) saying, “I’ve just read on …” ffs


Six… this could turn out to be a very long thread.

7…yes I wonder how high this is going to get

yes same here but I’m 8

The trouble is, they also track non-Facebook users too. This video is from 2 years ago and I don’t think anything has significantly changed sadly - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blzQmBJrkCE

Yes, and they also have WhatsApp and Instagram users and their contacts presumably.

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But do any of you use WhatsApp or Instagram? If so you are still using FB. They are FB owned and they share pretty much everything with them, all is stored on FB servers etc. Due to teenage sons refusing not to use Instagram even though he promised when he got his new phone DH has managed to block all FB servers from our modem! He showed me the logs that were coming in / out when DS was on and it was all fb fb fb fb

it is becoming almost impossible not to. We don’t use any FB products - whatsapp / Instagram or FB as my very security minded IT boffin hubby feels so strongly about it. The problem is that I miss out on a lot of stuff. All the kids sports clubs ect now communicate through Whatsapp groups and I’m sure people think I’m weird. It’s a shame as there are other options that dont’ involve sharing all your contacts etc with FB. I use Telegram which is so safe that apparently criminals use it (which of course is not a good thing but shows how secure it is). Luckily the other members of the ‘bureau’ for our parents association were happy to download Telegram and we now use that but hte main APE group is still on Whats App so I miss out on all the chat. I have siblings that have refused to use anythign else so now I don’t have it for work I’ve lost the regualr contact we were having when I had it on my work phone. Not easy to try to do the right thing :face_with_raised_eyebrow: